Wedding Anniversary Bracelet

Romantic and amusing, this is a story of how the memories of 50 years were captured in a unique Golden Wedding Anniversary Bracelet. I was approached with a design idea that I’ve never encountered before – nor since!

Gems for the Anniversary Bracelet

Jim and Betty’s 50th wedding anniversary was celebrated in style including a sumptuous stay in a hotel and a trip to High Force Waterfall with family.

Jim also wanted to give Betty a Golden Wedding Anniversary gift and thought of custom made jewellery – something that would be of extra special significance.

A few days after the High Force Waterfall trip, Betty was finishing her unpacking at home and cleaning her walking boots. In the tread, she found that three stones remained from their day out. These three little stones were saved – saved from that day when they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.

Betty’s idea was that she’d like a custom made bracelet and for it to incorporate the 3 stones that were in her boot. She said she thought I might say it was a daft idea – but, of course, it wasn’t ~ the things we cherish most in life are those with meaning, and these three stones had a very special story to tell.

Since the 50th Wedding Anniversary is a Golden Wedding Anniversary I suggested weaving exactly 50 droplets of gold into the bracelet and showed Betty some sketches of what I was talking about. She loved it!

Special gemstones with a story to tell!
Special gemstones with a story to tell!

The Bracelet Arrives

“My bracelet is beautiful and I’m almost in tears looking at it. I’m amazed at what you have created from the 3 stones I found in the tread of my boot! You have created the most beautiful piece of jewellery that I could ever have imagined. I’m so very thrilled about it and was reluctant to take it off to go to bed!

It is unique to me and will be so very precious because of the sentiment behind it and the way in which you have incorporated all the important elements of our special day. I can’t thank you enough for making it so special for me.

I shall treasure it always as it means such a great deal to me. So many memories and my bracelet encompasses all our years together. Thank you so much Gee for creating such a precious piece of jewellery for me.”

It was a real pleasure to work with Betty on the design for this Golden Wedding Anniversary Bracelet.

Engraved Anniversary Bracelet
Engraved Anniversary Bracelet

Gee Backhouse