Over the years I’ve had lots of different questions asked about my compasses so I thought I’d create a page of them with their answers. I hope they’ll help you on your compass jewellery adventure.

Does the compass really work?

Yes. It’s super essential to me that the compass I wear actually works. I chose one of the best survival compasses that’s designed to last, too.

Are these compasses small enough to wear?

My compass pendants are usually 18mm-24mm in diameter making them the perfect size to wear every day.

How do I choose a chain?

I offer a variety of substantial chains in the shop and make each one up individually, soldering all joints closed for security.

Here’s an article on how to choose a chain for your compass pendant.

How do I get the right ring size?

You know you’ve found the right size for you when the ring is comfortable to wear yet snug enough not to fall off. See How to find your ring size.

Is it a real compass?

Yes. Inside each of my working compass creations is a real Francis Barker survival compass made of brass.

Is the compass waterproof?

As a result of custom enhancements, my compass creations are completely fine to be worn in the shower, swimming and snorkelling.