How to choose a chain for your compass pendant

Here are a few helpful factors to consider when choosing a chain for your compass.

Do you want to fiddle with your compass!?

Many of my compasses are tactile creations and part of owning them is to be able to fiddle with them, too.  By that I mean letting your fingertips appreciate the contours of the design and, in the case of a locket, to open and close it – repeatedly!

A 21 inch chain means you can fiddle with the compass as well as use it.  In general, 21 inches means the pendant sits nicely in a woman’s open necked shirt.  The 27 inch chain gives you even more freedom to admire and cherish your compass pendant as you can hold it away from yourself and have a good look at it without having to take it off.

The compass shop is all set up for you to choose a chain length to go with your compass.

Actually, you can choose any length you like as I make each chain up individually, but those are the standard lengths in the compass shop right now.  If you’d like something different, just let me know and I’ll try to make it happen.

Do you want to check which way is north?

What’s the main reason you’re going to be wearing a compass pendant? For example, is it mostly an attractive necklace with a hidden but reliable compass just in case?

Is it a compass you plan on using more frequently?  These compasses really work so if you’re someone who likes to be able to check which way north is, then you need a chain length that will give you easy access to the compass face.

Is the compass for a man?

Men often need a longer length chain than women for their compass pendant.  Their broader necks mean more chain is required.  The 27 inch option works really well for men.

That said, some of the compasses just look great on a lovely long chain no matter who they’re for.

Are you going to wear your compass every day?

People who choose my compasses tend to wear them every day and so I offer quality chains that are robust and up to being worn day in, day out.

There’s the silver curb chain, as in the main picture above, and a luxury box chain which you can see below.

luxury silver box chain with compass pendant

luxury silver box chain with compass pendant

These chains move beautifully and I make each one up individually, finish them with a silver carabiner clasp and solder all joints for security.

My aim is to give you the choice and independence to have a chain that suits who you are.

Gee Backhouse