How to find your ring size

I want you to enjoy wearing your ring. You know you’ve found the right ring size when it’s comfortable to wear as well as snug enough not to fall off. You don’t want to lose it!

If you don’t know your size, most jewellers’ shops will be willing to measure your finger (free of charge).

There is no substitute for having your finger measured professionally, but it’s not an exact science. Our fingers change in size from morning to evening, month to month and even with the seasons.

For people not used to wearing rings there is a tendency to go for a size too large. It’s helpful to bear this in mind when you’re having your size measured as not all rings can be made smaller easily.

As with clothing, different countries often have their own sizing systems for referring to ring sizes. All my rings are sized using the new Wheatsheaf measuring stick.

There are various charts on the internet to help with converting sizes. For example, if you know your US size, I can convert that to Wheatsheaf.

Gee Backhouse