Client reviews and Testimonials

Some of the reviews and stories I’ve received from people around the world. When you get yours, I’d love to hear from you, too.

A talisman to bring her home safe while she is out sailing

I have just seen the compass having been out all day and I love it. Really beautiful. Thanks so much for your hard work and advice getting it chosen. Hannah Loved the Compass! She is away for almost the whole year now… so I am hoping it keeps her safe and then brings her home. 🙂

Rope Twist Compass Necklace for his Girlfriend

Simon S, UK, Double Rope Twist Compass Pendant

Favourite handmade gold necklace!

Thank you for making this necklace which instantly became a favourite for me!

Birthday Gold Pendant with Peridot

Mandy H, UK, Peridot Lentille Pendant

Perfect – a Completely Original Compass Gift

Having a compass pendant made for a friend’s birthday was perfect as I have a completely original gift that looks fabulous. Being able to be involved in the creation of it in terms of materials used and style meant that the pendant is so much lovelier than something mass produced and exactly what I wanted. The process of ordering was ever so easy and I received the finished compass necklace exactly as described.

Kate absolutely loves the pendant and I don’t think she’s taken it off since. A great success all round!

30th Birthday Peridot Compass Necklace

Liza H, UK, Peridot Silver Compass Pendant

Absolutely gorgeous, I love it!

Hi Granddad and Marion,
I just wanted to drop you a note as its a bit too late for me to call you, but I’ve just opened the beautiful birthday gift you’ve sent me! It’s absolutely gorgeous and I love it! It was so kind of you to use your own precious jewelry to create something precious for me. I really love it so much and even before I knew where it came from (I found the note written about it about an hour after opening it!) I still thought it was so pretty 🙂 And its completely unique! That’s another reason I think its so cool, no-one else will ever have one like it!
Once again thank you so much, I love the pendant!
Love, Amelia xxx

Sapphire Waterdrop Necklace 18th Birthday Gift

Amelia, UK, Sapphire Waterdrop Necklace

Lovely, distinctive jewellery

Just to let you know I received the necklaces today. They are both lovely, really well made, thank you! I love the colour of the iolite with the silver and rose gold, and the dove pendant is really contemporary, the beads look great. I will be checking your website regularly for new designs as I am always on the look out for something a bit different. I am really glad I found your site, your jewellery is very distinctive and uses silver and gold together which I like. Thanks again.

Treating herself to an Iolite Lentille Necklace

Emma M, Wales, Iolite Lentille Necklace

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