Client Reviews

Client Reviews and Testimonials

Here are some of the reviews and stories I’ve received from people around the world – people who’ve decided to celebrate with a Rock Water Studio creation.     When you get yours, I’d love to hear from you, too.

Engraved Life Compass (g415)

A Life Compass to Remind Me to Live

The second I saw the Memento Vivere compass it struck a chord in me immediately.

I’d had a few difficult years dealing with my mother who had had a severe stroke and the sudden death of my father as well as running a growing business and looking after 2 teenagers and I had definitely forgotten to ‘live’.

So my compass means much more to me than just being a beautiful piece of jewellery, it reminds me constantly of the importance to take time out of our busy lives to just ‘live’.

Juliana, France

2 Colour Gold Compass Pendant Birthday Gift

Gold Compass Pendant Gift for Mother-in-Law

My mother-in-law absolutely loved the compass. She wears it all the time now.

She also looked at your website and was very interested in your practice, which she found very personal. As someone who loves to hike and travel, and is not a big fan of conventional jewelry, she loved the idea of a necklace that was practical so the compass come to mind. The fact that you make them and they are so beautiful really struck her.

Thank you again!

Miriam, Canada

Silver Compass Necklace Birthday Gift for Wife

Special Birthday Compass Gift for His Wife

Your designs are beautiful and elegant. We both really liked them and it was difficult to choose. Clare’s necklace has arrived today – just in time for me to present it over her birthday lunch out. She absolutely loves it!!!

The compass is lovely Gee – it has a nice weight, the compass itself works well and the little gold swirl is a beautiful touch on this design. Pictures on the website are good but don’t do the real thing justice.

Thanks again for your superb service 🙂

Tony S, UK

Custom Made Ring with Silver Coin (g462)

Custom Made Ring to hold Ancient Coin

Gee, I was looking at the beautiful ring you designed for my Roman coin and wanted to thank you again for creating something that has brought me so much pleasure. It is one of my favorite treasures from my travels and felt you should know. I hope all is well with you and your husband. Many thanks.

Anne H, Houston

compass necklace gift for wife

Compass Necklace for my Wife’s Birthday Gift

The compass necklace was a HUGE hit thank you very much. She loves it and it looks great on her. The significance, the detail, the compass, the stone, the colour, the pouch, the chain, the uniqueness, the handmade quality, the artistic work of a friend….all contributed to a great gift making for a great birthday.We went out for dinner on the day and she wore the necklace, looked amazing.  Thank you my friend.

Dean C, Dublin

silver compass pendant for a man

A Compass Pendant to keep close

A compass has saved me on more than one occasion, not just from being lost. I always keep one close I actually don’t like to be with out one. The piece of art you sent me is elegant in its simplicity. I have had other compass pendants but this one is truly hand built it works great, and is art. I found you on the web and as far as I know if some one else makes a similar product I have never found it. I will some day upgrade to the gold maybe just out of vanity but I am pleased with the one you made. I will wear it until it falls off from wear. Many thanks, Mark

Mark B, Colorado, US

Graduation Silver Compass Necklace with Opal

Compass Graduation Gift for Our Daughter

Thank you so much Gee, for creating such unique and meaningful jewelry. The necklace is lovely indeed. We gave our daughter this compass on graduation day. She thought it was so pretty and really appreciated the workmanship and meaning behind the compass. The compass necklace is beautifully handcrafted.
Thank you for the speedy delivery!
All the best, Therese

Therese N, New Jersey, US

meaningful gift compass necklace for wife

Meaningful Gift for my Wife’s Birthday – a Compass

Knowing my wife loves jewelry with expansive meaning I showed her your creations and she immediately fell in love with them. I asked if she would like one for her birthday and she immediately said, “I love compasses too, like you, and will wear it all the time. Will you show me how to use it?”
We received the compass this morning and my wife loved it!
I think that you do great work and very helpful customer service.
Thank you so much Gee, Dean.

Dean D, Vermont, US

handmade wedding anniversary necklace

50th Wedding Anniversary Necklace from my Husband

Hi Gee,
Thank you so much for designing such a beautiful necklace for me to help celebrate our anniversary. It is so personal and special, and I am so delighted that my husband came to you on this occasion for such a lovely gift for me. I have never seen anything quite like the stone, and I think it is really beautiful. I have been wearing the necklace ever since early this morning when I opened your pretty gift package.
Jo xx

Jo S, France

custom made celebration necklace

Celebrating My Year in France

I was inspired to have a custom pendant made in France that would incorporate aspects of the French countryside. It would be a reminder of my year spent living here. There are aspects of France in the design–such as swirls reminiscent of French railings. It’s gorgeous.

The custom design process was very important. Also, knowing that each part of the piece is handmade is very meaningful and adds to the piece’s uniqueness. I love knowing that there’s no other piece like mine in the world!

Julie S, Vancouver, Canada

wedding anniversary necklace

50th Wedding Anniversary Necklace for my Wife

Not for the first time I have turned to Rock Water Studio when I needed something for a special occasion. I listened to Gee’s advice about the design and am delighted with the result. It is a piece which matches both the event and the recipient perfectly because I know that Gee will ensure that she researches the individual as well as the occasion so that both I as the giver and, in this case, my wife as the receiver will get great pleasure from a unique piece, which will not lose its appeal over time.

Michael S, France

gold compass pendant for daughter's 30th birthday

My Golden Compass

Thank you for making this compass necklace for me. It is absolutely beautiful and I shall treasure it forever. Thanks again, Hannah.

Hannah T, UK

handmade gold compass locket

Compass Locket to Celebrate an Achievement

My necklace has arrived. It is absolutely exquisite! I could not be happier with your creation. It has been such a wonderful experience working with you. Many thanks for making this such a memorable experience. Just wanted to say thank you for the call, too, lovely talking to you in person. Many thanks for putting the necklace together for me. It will be well looked after. With kindest regards and gratitude.

On a final note, I haven’t taken my necklace off since I received it. It will definitely never end up in a drawer. People have been commenting on it all day. All my coworkers have been sharing in its creation since the beginning.

Sarah N, Perth, Australia

star sapphire compass necklace

A Gift for My Wife – the Compass in our Family

As expected my wife loves the necklace. I am very happy thank you.

The reason I went for this item is because I am looking for something unique but also something my wife can wear everyday. I really like the compass as a concept, a compass as the centre – you can always find the right path from. This is how I see my wife in our family.

Darren B, UK

gold compass necklace

Gold Compass for Our Daughter’s 30th

We are absolutely delighted with the necklace. Beautifully wrought and marvellously skilled.

We wanted a working compass on a pendant for a gift. We searched everywhere. Then we contacted Gee (lovely lass). The result: A beautifully made piece of jewellery, made of pure gold, designed and crafted to our choice by a talented goldsmith. Something special for someone special. We are delighted with the total fun adventure, having a bespoke gift made. Unique –like Gee.

Malcolm and Hazel T, UK

custom made anklet in silver

Custom made Anklet for my Girlfriend

The anklet’s arrived! I was waiting to write you a proper reply once my (crazy) weekend has passed, but let me say right away that I love it! I am not at all sure I can wait until Christmas…

After Christmas: It was incredibly well received. I realised yesterday I didn’t send you a picture of the anklet fitting perfectly. Many apologies! Here it is. Wendy has tested it pretty thoroughly in sand, sea and sun and it performs perfectly too. An undoubted hit on all fronts so thank you again.

Ian B-L, UK

silver compass pendant for my wife

Compass Gift For My Wife who Loves to Travel

I was looking for a unique gift for my wife. One of her greatest passions is travelling, so I thought a compass for Christmas would be cool. I couldn’t find anything of the quality that I wanted and design that I liked until I came across your site!

My wife loved the compass pendant it’s beautiful! I went with travel-themed Christmas gifts this year and this was the perfect thing.

Tim H, Albert, Canada

handmade silver necklace for wedding anniversary

Wedding Anniversary Gift

I purchased an infinity bracelet from you last year and this matching necklace is for my wife – it’s our wedding anniversary next month. I picked the package up yesterday afternoon and looked inside. It looks beautiful! Not a problem keeping it a surprise, however it might be a different story with our daughter. I’ll try and reign her in!

Lonne F, Iowa, US

peridot compass necklace for my wife

Beautiful Compass Birthday Gift for my Wife

Hello Gee, I tried to find a small compass and a precious jewel for my wife and I’ve been able to find and choose this one with great pleasure. I’m so happy to have bought this jewel. Thank you for the courtesy shown and the beautiful jewelry and many wishes for the future. My wife is wearing the compass – she loves it so much and she didn’t want to take it off when she went to bed. She was really surprised about such a little compass and such a lovely jewel. Thanks again for your courtesy and honesty.

Pierguido P, Italy

silver swirl compass necklace

Compass Necklace – A Natural Present for my Girlfriend

The necklace arrived yesterday. Thank you so much. It is indeed being worn and enjoyed to the full.

I bought the compass as a birthday present for my girlfriend. She has a poor sense of direction and location, and so frequently gets lost in London. However, she is moving to Chicago in September, where the streets are laid out on a numbered grid. Thus, she joked, as long as she had a compass, she wouldn’t get lost. Your compass pendants are very beautiful, so seemed like a natural present. Thank you again.

Peter R, UK

silver twist compass necklace for my girlfriend

Compass for my Girlfriend’s Birthday

The compass pendant you made is my girlfriend’s favorite necklace now, and she wears it all the time. Most everyone who sees it is amazed. It arrived in time for us to leave by helicopter to Catalina Island!

You have such unique pieces, and their fit and finish, quality of construction and the sense of design and proportion behind them is stunning and wonderful. I send many folks your way, and hope to acquire more of your creations in the future.  Admirably, Soey

Sohail W, California, US

shackle silver compass pendant for my wife

Wedding Anniversary Gift For My Wife – a Compass

My wife has always been a) directionally challenged and b) enamored with the compass necklace and the comfort it provides in “showing you the way” in life and while on the road. She’s wanted one for years although not letting me know until recently. I wasn’t happy with the beauty of the jewelry until I found your site.

She absolutely loves it. Thanks so much!! It’s absolutely lovely. Your jewelry is really spectacular Gee.

Aaron M, Kentucky, US

silver and gold compass pendant

High School Graduation Compass

I wanted to get my daughter something that was symbolic of remembering who she is and not losing her way as she starts the next journey of her life. The compass is beautiful! Exactly what I was looking for. My daughter, thinks it’s perfect too and has enjoyed wearing it and showing it to others. I think it will be a timeless piece of jewelry with meaning throughout her life.

I wanted something that would be long lasting and timeless. Your site was exactly what I was looking for; quality materials, unique design and a simple yet beautiful appearance.

One last thing, don’t be surprised if I order a pendant in the future for myself!

Sara V, Iowa, US

white gold OM wedding ring

Custom Made OM Wedding Rings

Hello Gee, Just to let you know we have got our rings. Thank you so much we both love them and we will get a photo for you and send it to you. Keith has his on at mo as he loves it that much. Thank you again for everything, design of the rings are great! We love them and will treasure them. Also thanks for the best wishes in the note too. May well get you to do some more work later on.

Keith and Ying, UK

21st birthday compass pendant

21st Birthday Compass

Hi Gee, Wow! it arrived today so am just delighted with it – its beautiful! I wanted to give my daughter a compass for her 21st I thought yours were beautiful. I’m so glad you were able to make one just for me with a wee harp on it, too, as she plays the Clarsach. Have just shown my other 2 daughters the images so expect some more orders in a couple of years!

Many, many thanks!   Joyfully, Jocelyn

Jocelyn W, UK

handmade bracelet for my wife

Handmade Bracelet For My Wife at Christmas

The bracelet arrived safely this morning. It is really lovely and will compliment the pendant you made for our Ruby Wedding Anniversary. My wife doesn’t know about it so it will be a surprise for her on Christmas Day.

Many thanks and best wishes.

Andrew C, UK

silver and gold compass bracelet for my girlfriend

Compass Bracelet for my Girlfriend

Got it! I love it! There is no way I can keep quiet about this until Christmas. It is exquisite; a wonderful piece. I have taken it out of the bag and put it back in the bag four times so far, just to check that it is still as beautiful as the first time. Absolutely. I love the fact that it looks hand made and very well made at the same time; the two don’t always go together.

She loves it! The fit is perfect; it’s a mix of gold and silver and is plainly not “high street”; it’s a compass and a unique design at that (I don’t know whether I mentioned before that she has visited 70 countries, so journeying is very much part of her life).

I have scored multiple brownie points by giving her a wonderful piece of jewellery that she clearly adores, so THANK YOU for that. NO, THANK YOU for the almost impossible task of trying to improve on the gift next time. 8^)

Ian B-L, UK

ruby wedding anniversary necklace

For my Wife on our Ruby Wedding Anniversary

I’d been looking for something special and different for my wife on our Ruby Wedding Anniversary. Gee provided the answer. I was able to identify the style of pendant from her website and she did the rest, creating something beautiful and unique. My wife was delighted with the final result and especially the lovely and unusual ruby that Gee suggested. Gee managed to get it finished in time for the day in spite of the commission being requested just a short time before the actual date.

We are absolutely delighted with the outcome; it is exactly as we wanted and I suspect it will rarely leave Cynthia’s neck. The stone looks quite beautiful in the setting. We have two daughters who are already dropping hints about who should inherit so if we make it to our Golden anniversary we will have to commission another piece in the interests of equity!

Andrew C, UK

18th birthday compass necklace

18th Birthday Compass Necklace

Dear Gee
I just got home for lunch and the compass was in the letterbox. Thank you very much. My daughter will love it on her 18th birthday, in August. I found a book called compass to go with it, which sounds very interesting.

Wendy R, Australia

custom made gold necklace

Custom Made Gold Necklace

I’m still inwardly squealing, I’m so pleased! The workmanship is fabulous and the design breathtaking. I will rarely be seen without it! The pendant has rarely left my neck, I love it so much. (p.s. I’m absolutely delighted with your work on my pearls, too, and feel very privileged to have such fabulous pieces. Your use of the patterned gold is amazing and so beautiful.)

Jan D, France

handmade gold OM wedding ring

Our Handmade Gold OM Wedding Rings

Dear Gee,
Just to say thank you so much for making our wedding jewellery so beautifully for us. The pendant and ear-rings are lovely and went perfectly with my dress but the rings … the rings are more perfect than we could have ever envisaged. The moment we put them on they felt absolutely completely and utterly natural – as if we’d always worn them, part of our hands almost – we both found it quite uncanny! We are so grateful to you for putting our thoughts so perfectly into flesh, so to speak, and for creating such special and beautiful objects!
With very many thanks and best wishes, Em

Em M, UK

christening compass pendant

Meaningful Gifts for Christening and Birthdays

This will be the third piece of compass jewellery I have bought from Gee. All the compasses have been for special presents: a Christening, and 2 big birthdays.
Each compass has been strongly and exquisitely made, beautiful, unique and really very special. They have been meaningful gifts, and the recipients have loved them (even the baby girl who was fascinated by the moving parts! ) .
Gee has also gone out of her way to be helpful on each occasion, and so apart from the art and craftsmanship of her work, it has been a pleasure purchasing the compass jewellery from her.


silver compass pendant

My Compass as a Symbol – and Unique Piece of Art

Dear Gee,

I received the most beautiful compass pendant today. I could not be more delighted with this treasure–It is sturdy, expertly crafted, and artfully, simply lovely–a real masterpiece that I feel honored to wear. I can’t stop playing with it! The compass has always been an important, significant symbol to me, and I look forward to a lifetime of adventures with this one. Also, thank you for your kind note included in the package, as well as the polishing cloth.

Thank you again for such a smooth transaction, and for creating a unique piece of art with such detailed attention to both quality and beauty.

Jennifer S, US

handmade amethyst earrings

Merveilleux! Earrings just for me!

Dear Gee,

My custom made earrings arrived today and they are perfect. Just what I pictured! Merveilleux! Merci, Merci.

Suzanne J, Oklahoma

golden wedding anniversary bracelet

Golden Wedding Anniversary Bracelet to Treasure

Dear Gee,

My bracelet is beautiful and I’m almost in tears looking at it. I’m amazed at what you have created from the 3 stones I found in the tread of my boot! You have created the most beautiful piece of jewellery that I could ever have imagined. It is unique to me and will be so very precious because of the sentiment behind it and the way in which you have incorporated all the important elements of our special day. I can’t thank you enough for making it so special for me.

I shall treasure it always. Celebrating 50 years of marriage – so many memories and my bracelet encompasses all our years together. Thank you so much Gee for creating such a precious piece of jewellery for me. You are an amazingly talented lady.

Betty H, UK


She Adores the Compass

I consider myself lucky and privileged to have found Rock Water Studio – Gee crafted a silver compass for a close friend who is about to go on a traveling holiday. Our time frames of getting the piece to the UK was very tight and RWS pulled out all the stops to have it to me in less than a week. Everything was very professionally carried out and I would not hesitate in recommending to anyone the services of RWS.

I can’t say thank you enough, my friend adores the compass and she may even find her way back to be with me – one can only hope!!

Thanks again

Ty S, UK

Lovely Piece of Work

I received the compass pendant yesterday in good order and as described. A lovely piece of work if I may say so.

I was looking for a compass pendant for my wife and could not find any in the local jewellers. Turning to the internet, I found your site, offering a gold compass pendant with turquoise and a fabulous array of jewelry dedicated to compasses. Jackpot. We are both absolutely delighted with the one I chose. Thank you very much.

Robert S, Ireland

Superb Artistic Talent

This morning I received the beautiful silver ships wheel compass you especially made for me to my specifications and I am so delighted – I must admit I had a tear of joy when I opened the velvet bag … the original was my late father’s and I have yearned for its loss for over 15 years – you have made my day! You have superb artistic talent – what a Gift!

You are truly a Master Craftsman and obviously take much pride in your workmanship. It has been a pleasure dealing with you – in today’s cut-throat world your attitude and work ethic have restored my faith in humanity! Also, your kind accompanying note touched me very much. You are such a beautiful person. If you ever head Downunder I hope you take the time to let me know so you can visit. I’d love to meet you personally.

All the very best

Jay, B, Australia

I Adore It!

The ring arrived today, and it is absolutely beautiful! It fits perfectly on the finger that I was hoping it would. I adore it and am so glad that i found you! Thank you!

Elisa H, Ponchatoula, LA, United States

Absolutely Delighted – Never Take It Off!

Have received two items from Rock Water Studio. First a Star Sapphire ring made to my requirements. Absolutely delighted with it and never take it off. Excellent work and care taken in the design and making. I then purchased a silver bangle with star sapphires and tourmalines. Again, I cannot fault the superior workmanship, originality of design and obvious love of the art of jewellery making. You cannot be disappointed with jewellery from Rock Water Studio.

Pamela B, UK

Unusual, Beautifully Crafted Jewellery

I came across Gee Backhouse’s work on the internet when looking for a compass pendant. As an artist I am extremely picky about quality and creative inventiveness. As soon as I saw her pieces I was smitten!

In addition to ordering an exquisite compass pendant with a twist, I found Gee to be delightful to work with. She was open to a stylistic request and graciously showed me an example of what it would look like. If you are looking for an unusual, beautifully crafted piece of jewelry-look no further than Gee Backhouse! From one artist to another-her work is amazing!

Pat B, US

Over the Moon with my Wedding Ring

My husband Andy and I met in France in 2007, fell in love and pregnant! We moved back to New Zealand (where we are from) to have our baby and to met each others families. Quite a whirlwind state of affairs! Two years on we decided to get married and when it came to choosing wedding rings we looked upon our friend Gee (who we have known for a long time) to create these treasures for us. As it happened we were married in New Zealand without rings, as such, but then decided to move back to France in 2011 and so met up with Gee again.

When we spoke to Gee about our long wait for our wedding rings, she was happy to do us the honour. Andy chose a simple wedding band but I wanted something a little different. When Gee presented the final piece to me I was over the moon! It was exactly as I had imagined and well worth the wait! My ring is unique and lovely, and the designer talented. I can’t stop looking down at my hand and realising that I now have a wedding ring! Having it created by Gee was well worth the wait.

Andy & Nicole, New Zealand & France

Pretty, Unique and Cool!

Hi Granddad and Marion,
I just wanted to drop you a note as its a bit too late for me to call you, but I’ve just opened the beautiful birthday gift you’ve sent me! It’s absolutely gorgeous and I love it! It was so kind of you to use your own precious jewelry to create something precious for me. I really love it so much and even before i knew where it came from (I found the note written about it about an hour after opening it!) I still thought it was so pretty 🙂 And its completely unique! that’s another reason I think its so cool, no-one else will ever have one like it!
Well anyways I’ll give you both a call sometime tomorrow to speak to you more 🙂 And once again thankyou so much, I love the pendant!
Love, Amelia xxx

Amelia, UK

Something a Bit Different

Just to let you know I received the necklaces today. They are both lovely, really well made, thank you! I love the colour of the iolite with the silver and rose gold, and the dove pendant is really contemporary, the beads look great. I will be checking your website regularly for new designs as I am always on the look out for something a bit different. I am really glad I found your site, your jewellery is very distinctive and uses silver and gold together which I like. Thanks again.

Emma M, Wales

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