Gee Backhouse

The Compass Lady

My Story

I started making jewellery after a chance meeting with a talented goldsmith and Master Craftsman at London's Goldsmiths' Hall. Leaving behind the safety of my professional career and old life, I became his apprentice and later moved to France to set up my own studio.

OK, so it wasn't quite so easy as those two sentences make it sound, but the change to my life has been worth more than I ever dreamed! Today, the compasses and jewellery I make are inspired by the change in my own life's path.

Combining my creative passion with his tradition of craftsmanship is a joy. As well as my obvious love of compasses and working with metal, the tools of the trade are irresistible and the gemstones captivating. 

Lovely having my dogs in the workshop with me all day, too!

Wearable Compass Jewellery

Gold and silver compass pendants designed for life.

Each one is individually handmade, unique and with a quality working compass inside.

I've always had a thing for compasses and, inspired by the change in my own life's path, these have become my signature piece. There’s something about the symbolism as well as the certainty of knowing which way is north.

Custom Made Jewellery

Meaningful jewellery creations

Making jewellery the traditional way, I design and create commissioned pieces in my workshop studio.

Handmade jewellery in gold, silver and gemstones. Whether a wedding ring or wedding anniversary gift, yours will be unique and handmade especially for you.