Francis Barker Silver Working Compass Pendant

Compass Pendants Designed for Life

Designed for life, my compass jewellery has a waterproof working compass inside.

A uniquely customised survival compass you can put on and leave on, because you deserve the best.

It’s like no other compass out there.


Francis Barker Silver Working Compass Pendant

Compass Pendants and Necklaces

A unique style of wearable compass pendants, individually handmade in gold and silver.

Designed for life with a working compass inside like no other.

Navigate life and look to the future with one of my compasses, each one sprinkled with hope, commitment and love.

I make wearable compasses.

Here’s where you’ll find one of the best selections of uniquely handmade compass creations out there.

Compass Keepsake Necklace for Daughter's Birthday

I was looking for a really simple silver compass for my soon to be 15yr old daughter and the Discovery Compass is nice and simple and beautifully made. My hope is that it will be a keepsake that she will hold dear. It has arrived and it's lovely! So thank you very much. Rob x

Birthday Compass Necklace for his Daughter

Rob C, Wales, Discovery Compass Necklace

A compass from my Husband on our Wedding Day

I received this beautiful handcrafted compass pendant as a wedding gift from my husband, Doug, and was delighted with it from the first time I saw it! The blue sapphire on one side match my wedding ring, and since I wear tons of blue, I have lots of occasions to wear it. The significance of the compass is dear to my heart, as traveling has been a lifelong passion; I absolutely love it! Every time I wear it I think of the day he gave it to me, and I feel it brings me good luck. The pendant was made so lovingly and exquisitely, it truly is a piece of art! Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us, you definitely have a gift.

Sapphire Compass Wedding Gift for His Wife

Laura A, Edmonton, Canada, Sapphire Silver Compass Pendant

Stunningly beautiful necklace gift from my husband

My dear husband gave me this Rainbow Labradorite pendant and I wear it more than any other piece of jewellery I own, apart from my wedding and eternity ring. I love the colours and the fact that they change all the time with the light. And also the weight of it - solid without being heavy. I get lots of comments on it. It is a simple, stunningly beautiful piece of jewellery that I absolutely love. Thank you Gee! xx

Beautiful Rainbow Labradorite gift for His Wife

Juliet BJ, France, Rainbow Labradorite Pendant

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