Compass Pendants

Meaningful jewellery,
to be worn & loved for generations

Handmade working silver compass pendant on sandstone


Compass Pendants

Meaningful jewellery,
to be worn & loved for generations

8 point compass star

Designed for life, my compass jewellery has a waterproof working compass inside. A uniquely customised survival compass you can put on and leave on, because you deserve the best. Truly one-of-a-kind compass creations.


Compass Pendants and Necklaces

Fabricated one-of-a-kind creations.

The perfect gift for someone special, whether that’s you or a loved one looking for a talisman of direction.

The Compass Jewellery Workbench

The Compass Story

My pieces are for people who view life as a journey and like the idea of a bit of help in the right direction, or need a talisman to help them feel grounded.

Yes, they’re also for people who have a thing for compasses and like the idea of a such a beautiful creation as a way to celebrate a special life event or significant milestone.

They are perfect for individuals embarking on new adventures or phases of their lives, such as graduation, relocation, sabbaticals, coming out, or going it alone.

"A life compass to remind me to live. My compass means much more to me than just being a beautiful piece of jewellery. I’d had a few difficult years and my compass reminds me to take time out to live."


Juliana, France

Memento Vivere Engraved Compass Pendant

"The significance of the compass is dear to my heart, as traveling has been a lifelong passion; I absolutely love it! Every time I wear it I think of the day he gave it to me, and I feel it brings me good luck."


Laura, Canada

Sapphire Compass Wedding Gift

Why get a compass pendant?

Life is a journey and my compass jewellery is a reminder to keep you heading in the direction you choose.

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, graduation or big life decision, it makes the perfect meaningful gift.

LadyBug Compass Necklace with gemstones on woodstack (G581)

Perfect meaningful gift
for a loved one

LadyBug Compass Pendant with decorative edges and gemstones (G581)

A Talisman for Herself

Silver working compass pendant on log (G581)

A working compass
for your next adventure

LadyBug compass pendant in progress (G581)
Handmade LadyBug Silver Compass Necklace (G581)