Why give your wife a Compass Necklace?

Why give your wife a Compass Necklace?

Aren't compasses for outdoorsy types?
Well, they can be, but there's more to a compass necklace when it comes to your wife!

A gift for your wife

If you're looking for a gift for your wife, one that will make her smile when she discovers it amidst the wrapping paper, you're going to have to put your thinking cap on.

Making a special effort to find something a bit different is one way to show her how much you care. The gift that will appeal to her in more than one way is one she will remember.

Why a compass necklace?

Yes, a compass will show you which way is north. On its own, this might not be something you'd consider as a gift.

However, there's more to a compass gift than that. There's the symbolic meaning, too. Naturally, I have my own ideas about what a compass pendant might say and, I admit, I'm a bit of a romantic.

I like the idea that you men want to let the woman in your life know how much you respect her as an individual, how much you appreciate that she's a woman who knows where she's going.

But that's just me and there are many other reasons you thoughtful gentlemen choose a compass necklace gift for your wife.

A unique compass gift just for her

One of my compass pendants and necklaces will make a unique gift.  I can guarantee this because I only make one of each!

However, whatever you choose for your wife, the extra effort to make it meaningful to her will make yours a gift she cherishes.

For a very long time.

An Amazing Challenge with a Compass

An Amazing Challenge with a Compass

Just before setting out on an amazing challenge, Stuart gave his wife a compass gift.

He and his friend Elspeth ran 680 miles, facing 44 munros, a maze of forest and a plethora of bogs along 'The Watershed' in Scotland for the 'Funding Neuro' charity.

A compass to help me feel close to him

Hi Gee,

My husband, Stuart Macfarlane, has given me the wonderful Life Compass you created.

It is absolutely fabulous I will treasure it very dearly.

Stuart was delighted to find your website as he was looking for a special gift.

It is appropriate on so many levels...

But I thought you might like to know why Stuart decided on that particular gift at this time.

He has set out this morning, along with another long distance runner friend, Elspeth, on an amazing challenge. They are running continuously, over 34 days, 'The Watershed' (line through Scotland where when rain falls it will flow either to the East or West - difficult to explain, that was my best effort.)


Forest Trail Compass Pendant (G497)

Forest Trail Compass Pendant


...my beautiful compass pendant will help me keep smiling, keep on track and feel close to him until he, my real life compass, returns.

Stuart and Elspeth have taken on this incredible challenge in order to raise funds for an amazing charity called 'Funding Neuro.' Many maps and a compass, along with GPS tracking systems will be vital on their trip.

Hence the appropriateness of your beautiful compass. Just as Stuart and Elspeth would be lost without their compass I already feel a little lost without Stuart here with me - so my beautiful compass pendant will help me keep smiling, keep on track and feel close to him until he, my real life compass, returns.

Thank you again for creating my beautiful pendant.

Keep enjoying life and creating such beautiful pieces.

Best Wishes


Is this a Compass for a Man?

Is this a Compass for a Man?

What makes a compass suitable for a man to wear? Are there rules for such things?!

Looking for a Compass for a Man?

When adding compass creations into my compass shop, I tag those I think might be considered suitable for either a man or a woman to wear. This Expedition Compass Pendant is one of them.

Sometimes people like a little bit of help choosing, so if the compass creation has a simpler design, that's when I'll tag it.

Trust your instincts...

The way I see it, when you're choosing a unique compass gift for the man in your life you can pretty much trust your instincts. If the design appeals to you, and you can see him looking good wearing it, go with that!

Take a look at the ones I've tagged as unisex compasses and see what you think.

Maybe I've been a bit conservative, who knows?!  A gentleman gave this Expedition Compass gift to his wife before he set out on an expedition for a year.

Surely he should have chosen one for himself, too?!