Why Give your Wife a Compass?



Peridot Talisman Compass Pendant

Photo by Kiff

Why give your wife a Compass Necklace?

by | Feb 27, 2018 | Celebrations

There are more reasons to give your wife a compass than you might imagine. Here are just a few.

A Talisman on her Birthday

Pierguido gave his wife the Peridot Talisman Compass for her birthday. Peridot is her birthstone (August) and he asked me to engrave the compass with “To my wife Elena, So you always find the right way”.

I’m so happy to have bought this jewel. My wife is wearing the compass – she loves it so much and she didn’t want to take it off when she went to bed. She was really surprised about such a little compass and such a lovely jewel.

Compass Pendant Gifts for your Wife

Uniquely handmade wearable compass gifts for your wife

Photo by Gee

To Help Find Her Direction

A courageous couple who had moved from New Zealand to live the other side of the world, Dean wanted to give his wife a gift that connected with this exciting time of change, something meaningful that resonated with new experiences ahead. He chose the Labradorite Compass Necklace to help her find her direction. The properties of the Labradorite stone were are part of the decision as it’s a mineral believed to dispel apprehension and to attract the strength and perseverance moving forward.

His 6 year old son helped choose one from the compass shop. Apparently, he thought the Labradorite Compass Necklace was “cool”!

The compass was a HUGE hit thank you very much. She loves it and it looks great on her. The significance, the detail, the compass, the stone, the colour, the pouch,  the chain, the uniqueness, the handmade quality, the artistic work – it all contributed to a great gift making for a great birthday.

Such a neat idea

Another gentleman gave the Gold Waves Compass pendant to his wife on her birthday. He’d originally planned to buy her a piece of regular jewellery, but once the lady had seen my compass creations she gave him plenty of hints that she really wanted one of them!!

I love all of your jewellery but I especially want one of these gorgeous compasses.  It’s just such a neat idea and I really like knowing that I’m not going to see anyone else wearing the same thing!

“My wife. The compass in our family.”

My Wife and Compass

Choosing a meaningful gift for your wife is about you wanting to celebrate who she is and what she means to you. She has the kind of personality that sets her apart from the rest, a direction in life, a way of living. Darren chose the Black Star Sapphire Compass Necklace for his wife.

The reason I went for this item is because I am looking for something unique but also something my wife can wear everyday. I really like the compass as a concept, a compass as the centre – you can always find the right path from. This is how I see my wife in our family.

labradorite compass gift for wife g422

Labradorite Compass Necklace for his Wife’s Birthday

shackle compass wedding anniversary gift for wife G367

Shackle Compass Necklace Wedding Anniversary Gift

gold waves compass birthday gift for wife g420

Gold Waves Compass Pendant Birthday Gift to his Wife

black star compass gift for wife g272

Black Star Sapphire Compass Christmas Gift to his Wife

Directionally Challenged!
Aaron had his own reasons for seeking out a compass for his wife’s wedding anniversary gift.

My wife has always been a) directionally challenged and b) enamored with the compass necklace and the comfort it provides in “showing you the way” in life and while on the road. She’s wanted one for years although not letting me know until recently. I wasn’t happy with the beauty of the jewelry until I found your site.

She absolutely loves it. Thanks so much!! It’s absolutely lovely. Your jewelry is really spectacular Gee.

“a compass necklace has wonderfully symbolic meaning”

gee backhouse

Gee Backhouse

Creator of Wearable Compasses & Meaningful Jewellery

I have a THING for compasses

I should tell you that my husband gave me a compass because I have a thing of compasses. I’d been looking for a wearable compass that looked good – as in pretty and attractive to wear as a pendant – but that was also a good quality compass that really worked. There are literally heaps of compass pendants out there, BUT very few have a compass that will stand the test of time and show you north today and into the future.

He found one of the best survival button compasses out there and said…

You’ve been searching for the compass necklace of your dreams because no one’s made it yet. I’m giving you this little survival compass so you can create something beautiful with it.

I took it, made it even better (you can see how here) and now use them inside my unique compass jewellery creations.

A good quality compass will show you which way is north, but a beautiful compass necklace has a wonderfully symbolic meaning, too.

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Thanks to Kiff for the various photos of my wearable compass creations.

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