Birthstones & Anniversaries


In the ancient past, certain constellations – or signs of the zodiac – were thought to interrelate with man and gemstones. More recently, gemstones have been assigned to calendar months and referred to as Birthstones.

Here is a popular version of the birthstones traditionally associated with months of the year.

January – garnet, rose quartz

February – amethyst, onyx

March – aquamarine, tourmaline, blood jasper

April – diamond, sapphire, rock crystal

May – emerald, chrysophrase

June – pearl, moonstone

July – ruby, carnelian

August – peridot, sardonyx

September – sapphire

October – opal, pink tourmaline

November – citrine, yellow topaz

December – turquoise, blue topaz

Wedding Anniversaries

The Silver Wedding Anniversary marks 25 years of marriage.

The Golden Wedding Anniversary marks 50 years of marriage.

In addition, for the gemstone of choice when celebrating a wedding anniversary, here are those associated with particular years of marriage.

2nd – garnet

4th – topaz

5th – sapphire

6th – amethyst

8th – tourmaline

9th – lapis lazuli

10th – diamond

11th – turquoise

13th – citrine

14th – opal

15th – ruby

16th – peridot, topaz

17th – amethyst

18th – garnet

19th – aquamarine

20th – emerald

22nd – spinel

23rd – sapphire

25th – Silver Wedding Anniversary

30th – Pearl

35th – emerald

40th – Ruby Wedding Anniversary

45th – sapphire

50th – Golden Wedding Anniversary

55th – emerald

60th – diamond

Gee Backhouse