Swirl Silver Compass Pendant

  • Swirl Silver Compass Pendant (g336)
  • Working Compass Necklace encased in silver swirl (g336)
  • Silver Swirl Compass Pendant on Silver chain (g336)
  • Swirl Silver Compass Necklace Gift for Girlfriend (g336)
  • Swirl Silver Compass Necklace with touch of gold (g336)
  • Water resistant Swirl Silver Compass Necklace (g336)
  • Swirl Silver Compass Necklace with Francis Barker NATO Survival Compass (g336)

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An attractive silver compass pendant encased in a swirl.

A birthday gift for a gentleman’s girlfriend who has a poor sense of direction and location. Given to her with the idea that as long as she had a working compass, she wouldn’t get lost.

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Ref: G336

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