Custom Made Jewellery

Custom jewellery gifts handmade in gold and silver

Jewellery just for you, handmade to your design.

Custom made jewellery is where we work together on a creation that's made just for you.

Whether you know exactly what you want, right down to the finer details, or you just know you want something different, something that you're not going to find anywhere else, I can help make your vision come to life. You can also be involved in its creation, from start to finish. Custom jewellery is sometimes called bespoke jewellery or a special commission.

Contact Me for a special commission of your own.

Custom Made Rings

Wedding and engagement rings as well as commitment rings and 'just because' rings!

Botanical Wedding Ring (g284)

Botanical Wedding Ring

Handmade Rose Gold Commitment Ring (g402)

Rose Gold Commitment Ring

Custom Made Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring (g461)

Sapphire Engagement Ring

Wedding Anniversary Jewellery

A unique creation to mark the anniversary of your special day.

50th Wedding Anniversary Bracelet (g351)

50th Wedding Anniversary Bracelet

Wedding Anniversary Ring (g398)

10th Wedding Anniversary Ring

Handmade Ruby Wedding Gold Necklace (g309)

Ruby 40th Wedding Anniversary Necklace

Jewellery for Your Wedding Day

Jewellery made especially for your wedding day.

Bride's Wedding Necklace with Ruby (g385)

Bride's Wedding Necklace

Custom Made Gold Wedding Rings for the Bride and Groom (g383)

Gold Wedding Rings Pair

Handmade Silver Kilt Pin for Bridegroom (g405)Bridegroom's Silver Kilt Pin

Special Commissions, Just Because

You don't always need a special occasion to have a piece of jewellery made for you!
Handmade sunstone necklace (g207)

Surprise Sunstone Necklace Gift


Custom Cufflinks for her Husband

Handmade Labradorite Necklace (g442)

A necklace for herself

Jewellery for Special Birthdays

21st, 30th and 40th birthdays, you know the sort of thing!
Fire Opal Necklace for Wife's Birthday (G321)

Fire Opal necklace for his wife

Handmade Bujinkan Symbol Pendant in Silver (G480)

Silver Bujinkan Symbol for her husband

21st Birthday Key Pendant with Pearl (g416)

For her daughter's 21st birthday

Other Treasures

People like to celebrate all sorts of occasions with a special commission.

Wedding Anniversary Necklace with Tourmaline (g392)

50th Wedding Anniversary Pendant

Morgan Sweet Apple Pendant (g246)

Apple pendant for Baby Morgan's Arrival

Botanical Bangle with sapphires (g463)

Botanical Bangle 'thank you' to his wife

Creating Your Custom Jewellery

For details on how we work together to create your special commission, see what's involved, step by step.

Also, here are some ideas and guides to help you find the jewellery design that's perfect for you.


Contact Me to create a piece of jewellery, custom designed just for you.