Ship’s Wheel Silver Compass

  • Ships Wheel Silver Compass Pendant (g322)
  • Ships Wheel Compass Pendant in Silver (g322)
  • Ships Wheel Pendant with Francis Barker NATO Working Survival Compass (g322)
  • Ships Wheel Compass Pendant for Sailors and Navigators (g322)
  • Ships Wheel Working Button Compass Necklace Gift (g322)

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Custom made  silver compass pendant in the design of a Ship’s Wheel, to replace one that was lost.

A working compass encased in a sterling silver. In fact, it’s a Francis Barker NATO compass that’s been customised to make it even better than the original.

Especially created for a lady to remind her of her father.  He once gave her a compass pendant in a ship’s wheel design but it was later lost. Working from an old photograph, I re-created this one for her.  She enjoys wearing it herself as well as sharing it with her niece.  They take it in turns to wear it and swap over on birthdays and at Christmas!

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Ref: G322