Sail Away Compass Pendant

  • Sail Away Silver Compass Pendant (g341)
  • Sail Away Silver Compass Necklace (g341)
  • Sail Away Compass Gift in Silver and Gold (g341)
  • Special Silver Compass Pendant with Rose Gold (G341)
  • Silver Working Compass to Sail Away with (g341)
  • Sail Away Button Compass Necklace (g341)

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A forward facing compass in sterling silver with droplets in rose gold peeping out from the band encircling it.

Inside is a working compass of quality.  A compass to show you which way is north in an appealing necklace that you can keep with you at all times.

I absolutely adore my compass necklace. I put it on as soon as it came and it has not left my neck since. My necklace is one of those special pieces that when you put it on, it feels like it has always been there – it is just a part of you. The unique design and the quality of the compass exceeded my hopes. I am so glad the compass necklace wended its way from your studio to my home.

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Ref: G341