Ocean Compass Necklace with Opal

  • Ocean Compass Necklace with Opal (g411)
  • Graduation Silver Compass Necklace with Opal (g411)
  • Opal Necklace Graduation Gift with Working Compass (g411)
  • Graduation Silver Compass Gift with Opal and touches of gold (g411)
  • Small Button Compass Graduation Gift with Opal (g411)
  • Ocean Compass Necklace with Francis Barker Survival Compass inside (g411)

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Compass Necklace with Opal

The opal in this silver compass necklace has flashes of red and lovely ocean blues. An appealing rainbow of colours with irey flashes said to represent a gentle inner vitality. Turn it over to reveal the compass which is worn facing the body.

Especially chosen as a daughter’s Graduation Gift from her parents. A working compass gift that she will treasure as she graduates and heads off to college.

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Ref: G411