• carved moonstone silver compass necklace (g425)
  • carved moonstone necklace gift with working compass in silver (g425)
  • Carved Moonstone Francis Barker NATO Compass Pendant in Silver and gold (g425)
  • nautically themed gift with carved moonstone and compass (g425)
  • Small Button Compass Pendant Gift for Girlfriend (g425)
  • carved moonstone compass necklace gift for wife (g425)
  • Carved Moonstone Compass Pendant Gift for Girlfriend (g425)
  • moonstone compass necklace in silver with gold droplets (g425)
  • Moonstone Working Compass Necklace Birthday Gift on long chain (g425)
  • New Moon Compass Necklace (g425)

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A compass necklace featuring a carved Moonstone that shimmers gently in the light. Undulating waves of silver swirl all the way around this compass pendant, gold and silver droplets nestling in their curves. Inspired by soothing waters on moonlit ocean voyages.

Moonstone has been described as a stone for new beginnings and a talisman of good fortune. It’s also the June birthstone.

This working compass necklace that looks great on a longer chain.

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Ref: G425