Labradorite Silver Compass Pendant

  • Labradorite Silver Compass Pendant (g331)
  • Carved Labradorite in Silver Compass Necklace (g331)
  • Compass Necklace with Labradorite Beads (g331)
  • Carved Labradorite Compass Pendant with Francis Barker NATO Survival Compass (g331)
  • Silver Compass Necklace with Peacock blue Labradorite (g331)
  • Silver Compass Necklace for adventurers (g331)
  • Small Working Compass in Labradorite Necklace (g331)

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A working silver compass necklace featuring a gorgeous, carved labradorite set in gold.

Flanked by labradorite beads and finished with a hand made silver toggle clasp, this is a one of a kind, working compass creation from top to tip.

The compass on the reverse is discreetly worn against the body and ready for any situation, whether is an adventure or emergency!

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Ref: G331