Gold Ankh Cross

  • Gold Ankh Cross Pendant (g539)
  • Ankh Gold Cross Pendant (g539)
  • Ankh Gold Cross Necklace (g539)
  • Gold Ankh Cross Necklace (g539)
  • Handmade Gold Cross Ankh (g539)
  • 2 Colour Gold Ankh Cross Pendant gift for wife (g539)
  • Ankh Gold Cross Pendant gift for wife (g539)
  • Ankh Gold Cross Pendant on chain (g539)
  • Small gold ankh cross pendant (g539)

Known also as the key of life, the Ankh Cross is an ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic character for “eternal life”. Other descriptions of the symbol are that it means “life” and “zest for life”, which I particularly like.

Handmade here in 9k gold, it’s a unique treasure a lady had custom made for herself. An individually handmade version of a symbol that’s appeared in many forms from ancient findings in archeological digs to the current day.

Finished with a white gold droplet, a unique Ankh Gold Cross pendant just for her.

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Ref: G539

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