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Baptism Compass Gift for Headstrong Grand Daughter

Compass Pendant for a very headstrong 8 year old grand daughter’s confirmation. Instead of buying her a typical baptism gift, this Compass Gift was chosen to suit to her personality … which turned out to be all about attitude!  On a family weekend with the kids, this little girl wasn’t taking instruction from anybody about anything and would respond with “I’ll do it my way!”, so a compass seemed the obvious choice!

A band of silver swirls around the silver compass pendant, symbolic of a globetrotter travelling the world. The working compass inside means this necklace will be there for this little girl as she set outs on her adventures in life and over land. Whatever the conditions, the Francis Barker survival compass inside has been uniquely customised (to make it waterproof!) so can be worn everyday and is totally fine in water.

Handmade in silver, this is a forward facing compass with space on the back for an engraving. Shown here on a luxury box chain.

An compass necklace for their grand daughter who knows her own mind!

Ref: G524

This compass is sold!

See what’s available in the shop today.

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