Compass Jewellery

Average compass pendants?

No Way.

Handmade silver and gold working compass necklaces

What's so great about these compasses?

Wearable compasses

Welcome to a unique style of wearable compass pendants. Individually handmade, each with a working compass inside like no other.

Designed for life, wear these compasses everyday – in the shower, up a mountain or on an evening out in your best party clothes.

Jewellery with meaning

Compass jewellery is supremely symbolic of life, the paths we choose and changes we embrace.

As we navigate life and look to the future, each of my compasses is sprinkled with hope, commitment and love.

Forward Facing Compasses

The working button compass is worn facing outwards and can be seen all the time.

Forest Trail Silver Compass Pendant Gift for his wife (g497)

Forest Trail Compass


Compass Pendant Gift for his wife (g492)

Silver Expedition Compass


Silver Compass Necklace Gift for Daughter (g474)

5 Elements Compass Necklace


Look ahead with a forward facing compass


Gemstone Compass Pendants

Compass pendants that appear to be a gemstone necklace but, in fact, have a button compass set into the back. A sort of secret compass necklace as the compass is worn facing the body.

Working Compass Pendant for a woman (g494)

Aurora Sunburst Labradorite Compass


Birthday Compass Pendant Gift for his girlfriend

Turquoise Talisman Compass Necklace


Gemstone compass pendant gift to herself (g490)

Orbit Amethyst Compass


Navigate life with a gemstone compass pendant


Engraved Compass Pendants

With words, symbols or a design, you can personalise your compass pendant with an engraving.

Engraved Gold Compass Pendant (g455)

Path of Life Gold Compass


Engraved Silver Compass Locket (g407)

Compass Locket with Engraving


Personalised Silver Compass Necklace (g413)

Engraved Silver Compass Pendant


Promise love with an engraved compass pendant


How big is the Compass to wear?

My compass jewellery is big enough to use and small enough to wear – every day – with comfort. The working compasses inside are button compasses, so-called as they’re button sized.

small button compass pendant

Compass pendant next to a pencil


Francis Barker Compass Size on Neck

Wearing a compass pendant


Francis barker survival compass size in hand

Holding a compass in my hand!


Gold Compass Pendants and Necklaces Designed for Life

The working button compasses inside these creations is of such good quality that I’m entirely confident using them to create gold compass pendants. My compasses are designed for life, to wear all the time and it doesn’t matter if you get them wet.
(What? So I can swim in it, too? YES!! Check out the working compass inside)

White Gold Compass Pendant (g454)

White Gold Compass Necklace


Gold Compass Pendant with working compass (g525)

Nautique Gold Compass Pendant


Gold Working Compass Necklace (g455)

2 Colour Gold Compass Pendant


Celebrate life with a gold compass pendant


Compass Lockets

Lockets are beautiful creations. Gold and silver lockets with a working compass inside are even better ????

Sapphire silver compass locket (g410)

Sapphire Silver Compass Locket


Texas Star Compass Locket (g455)

Texas Star Compass Locket


Handmade gold compass locket (g419)

Gold Compass Locket


Compass lockets for life's journey


You deserve the best

Inside every pendant is a working compass you can put on and leave on wherever you go.

Even in the shower and swimming!

Uniquely customised survival compasses, designed for life.

Complete your compass

Choose from 2 styles of chain in the compass shop, each available in 18 or 27 inches (46 or 68cm).

Every chain is hand finished so you can have a different length if required. Just ask.

Personalise your compass

Having a personal engraving on your compass is another way to personalise it.

Add a message, initials, significant date or a promise.

The compass arrived yesterday!  It is so beautiful and I know my daughter will treasure it always.  Thank you very much!

Natasha K, Cyprus

Sapphire Compass Pendant, Graduation Compass Gift

Hi Gee,  Still loving my compass!  I’m totally enjoying it and can’t seem to keep my fingers off of it.  Have a great day!  ????????

Miriam T, US

Feather Compass, A gift for herself

Hi Gee, Parcel received – compass looks fabulous! Many thanks

Stuart M, Scotland

Forest Trail Compass, A memento for his wife

Custom Compass

Designed and created just for you.

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