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Working Compass Pendant gifts you will love

Group of handmade gold and silver working compass pendants and gemstone compass necklaces

Wearable compasses

Welcome to a unique style of wearable compass pendants. Individually handmade, each with a working compass inside like no other.

Designed for life, you can wear these compasses everyday – in the shower, up a mountain or for an evening out in your best party clothes.

Jewellery with meaning

Compass jewellery is supremely symbolic of life, the paths we choose and changes we embrace.

As we navigate life and look to the future, each of my compasses is sprinkled with hope, commitment and love.

What Compass Jewellery makes the best Gift?

The best compass jewellery gifts are beautifully designed, have a top quality compass inside and are unique.

Beautifully Designed Compass Jewellery Gifts

I hand make these compass creations and each compass has its own style and personality.

Some of them appear to be a beautiful gemstone necklace because the compass is secretly hidden in the back. Others have the working compass set into the front where it can be seen all the time.

Available as compass pendants, necklaces and bracelets, compass lockets and keychains, there’s a compass gift for everyone.

Quality Compass Necklaces

The compass pendant gifts you’ll find here are top quality.

The compass inside

  1. is a working compass
  2. is waterproof so you never need to take it off
  3. has a scratch resistant quartz face

These 3 notable quality features makes these working compass pendant gifts to stand the test of time.

Unique Compass Pendant Gifts

I guarantee these compass pendants are unique. 

How do I know that?

Because I hand make every single one in my workshop studio in the south of France.

Made in silver and gold, my compass jewellery creations are uniquely embellished and decorated, so no two compass pendants ever take the same path!

Each compass gift is individually handmade in my workshop. The compasses inside are customised, gemstones are set and the final piece is polished to a mirror-like lustre.

Silver Compass Pendants you will LOVE!

Let’s take a look at some silver compass pendants are “forward facing” which means the working compass is worn facing outwards and can be seen all the time.

Mostly silver compass jewellery, with some gold detail in the design, each one is unique. The perfect combination of quality and originality of design that you’re looking for in a meaningful gift.

The compass pendant is worn on a chain and is ready to use whenever you need a bit of help in choosing the right direction.

compass pendant gift for wife in silver with gold droplets showing working compass

Forest Trail Compass

Silver compass necklace gift for wife with gold pointer and working compass

Silver Expedition Compass

Elegant feng shui necklace gift for wife in silver and gold with 5 elements design and working compass

5 Elements Compass Necklace

Choose your silver compass pendant

What is a Life Compass?

A Life Compass is a compass to wear for life. A compass necklace with a working compass you can rely on, wear everyday and keep with you, always.

Does the compass really work?

It’s super essential to me that the compass I wear actually works. Yes, I want it to look lovely, too, but I DON’T want my compass pendants to become forgotten trinkets after just a few years.

That’s why my compass creations are of the highest quality and waterproof, too. I’ve gone the extra mile to make sure these working compasses won’t let you down.

What kind of people wear compass jewellery?

People who choose my compass jewellery are the kind of people who know life is a journey, and that the path is sometimes rough and sometimes smooth, but no matter what, they commit to embracing the adventure.

My silver compass pendants are the perfect gift for adventurous souls because they’re designed for life. This is waterproof compass jewellery you can wear every day that will stand the test of time.

Compass pendants that will always be there for you.

Gemstone Compass Pendants

The compass pendants have a gemstone on the front with a compass set into the back.

Take a look at the gorgeous labradorite, turquoise and amethyst gemstone necklaces with a compass below.

Where’s the compass?

The working compass is set into the back of the necklace and is worn facing the body.

A sort of secret compass necklace.

What’s a Secret Compass Necklace?

The Secret Compass Necklace is “secret” because you don’t see the working compass inside unless you know where to look!

At first glance, you might be drawn to these necklaces with irresistible sapphires, labradorites and peridots without realising that they have a compass set into the back.

A clever and meaningful gift idea for your wife because no-one need ever know the secret her beautiful necklace holds.

silver and gold working compass pendant gift for wife with labradorite the colour of aurora borealis

Aurora Sunburst Labradorite Compass

graduation compass pendant gift with turquoise and reliable working compass and unique intricate design in silver and gold

Turquoise Talisman Compass Necklace

working compass necklace gift for wife in silver and gold with a square amethyst, waterproof compass and elegant stem

Orbit Amethyst Compass

Navigate life with a gemstone compass pendant


What’s the Meaning of a Compass?

A compass can be thought of in 2 ways, as a tool and as a symbol.

Using a compass as a tool

If you get lost out on a hike, having a compass to show you which way is north will help you to keep going in the same direction, instead of going around in circles. At some point, you will come across a person, a place or a landmark and be able to find your way back to safety. Or back onto the track you intended to be on so you can pick up where you left off.

How is the compass a symbol in life?

If you lose your way in life, a compass pendant can be a symbol representing your commitment to keep going no matter what. It can be a talisman to remind you to believe in yourself and to persevere on the path you’ve chosen. The compass is a symbol to help you navigate life, to find your way when life is tough.

Engraved Compass Pendants

compass pendant makes a truly meaningful gift, for example for someone setting out in a new direction, moving to the other side of the world or deciding to live life differently.

Even without an engraving, a Graduation Compass Pendant Gift or a Christening Compass Necklace Gift is very symbolic of hope for the future.

What is an Engraved Compass Pendant?

An engraved compass pendant is one that’s been personalised with an engraving.

An engraved compass pendant can hold a special message of love or a reminder to hold on to what’s dear to you personally.

Maybe a pledge, a special date or a personal affirmation.

How do you engrave a compass?

Engraving can be performed by hand or by machine.

The engraving I offer is performed by laser which means your compass pendant can be engraved with words, symbols or even a design.

Take a look at some examples of engraved compass pendants.

precision gold compass pendant gift for wife with engraved message of love

Path of Life Gold Compass

Engraved silver compass locket with a compass inside and swirls around engraving saying the universe will respond

Compass Locket with Engraving

engraved silver compass pendant and working compass inside engraved with remember to live on the back

Engraved Silver Compass Pendant

Choose your compass pendant gift

How big is the compass to wear?

Here’s where I show you how big my compass jewellery gifts are and why they’re so easy to wear.

Are these Compass Pendants small enough to wear?

My compass pendants are usually just under 18mm diameter making them the perfect size to wear everyday.

Yes, but what does that look like?

Take a look at the photos below where you can see a compass pendant around someone’s neck, me holding one in my hand and one next to a pencil.
This will help you get an idea of the size of the compass actually looks like.

What is a button compass?

A button compass is a compass that’s the size of a button.

The compass inside my creations is a Francis Barker survival compass, often referred to as a button compass. But mine have been upgraded to make them waterproof, too.

The small size of this compass means it’s often found in survival kits, on watchstraps or sewn into clothes. In extreme circumstances it can be safely swallowed (please don’t try this though!).

A button compass is small enough to have with you all the time and keep you heading in the right direction.

Wearable Survival Compass Pendant Gifts

I’ve created a unique style of wearable compass pendants, each one with a working compass inside.

You never know what’s around the corner or whether you’re going to need to find your way. The compact little compass inside my compass pendants is easy to see and use, the pointers on the needle clearly marked with dots to show you which way is north.

A wearable survival compass pendant that’s big enough to use and small enough to wear every day.

small silver compass pendant graduation gift for daughter with labradorite next to a pencil to show size

Compass pendant next to a pencil

woman wearing silver and gold compass necklace birthday gift for wife with reliable working compass visible

Wearing a compass pendant

Me holding a francis barker survival compass inside a silver compass keyring in my hand to show how big the compass is

Holding a compass in my hand!

Gold Compass Pendant Gifts

The Gold Compass Pendant Gifts you will find here at Rock Water Studio are 100% gold with a working compass inside.

What does 100% gold mean?

This means I make my gold compass pendants using real gold and then I set a brass compass into them.

The pendant part that holds the compass is 100% gold.

The compass inside is made of brass.

You can think of this in the same way as a diamond ring. The ring is made in gold, then the diamond is set into the ring.

In the same way that the diamond in the ring isn’t gold, neither are the working compasses inside my compass pendants.

What is a gold compass necklace?

My gold compass pendants and necklaces are handmade using either 9k or 18k gold. They’re not gold plated or gold coloured. My compass creations are real gold.

Why does this matter?

Because not all gold compasses are actually gold when it comes to it. Sometimes they are gold plated or gold coloured.

Bottom line?

If you’re looking for a gold compass necklace gift for your wife then these are gold compass pendants you can trust.

How to choose a gold compass gift for your wife

3 things to check when buying a gold compass

  1. that the compass necklace is 100% gold
  2. that it’s NOT gold plated, because gold plate can often wear off leaving the pendant looking terrible
  3. that the compass pendant is NOT “gold coloured” because that might mean it’s brass or copper

What’s the compass inside the pendant made of?

The Francis Barker survival compass compass inside is made of brass.

I use the same compasses inside all of my compass jewellery creations, be they silver or gold.

Is the compass inside good enough for a gold necklace?


The working button compasses inside these creations are of such good quality that I’m entirely confident using them to create gold compass pendants. My compasses are designed for life, to wear all the time and it doesn’t matter if you get them wet.
(What? So I can swim in it, too? YES!! Check out the working compass inside)

white gold compass necklace gift for wife with quality working compass and rose gold around delicate stem

White Gold Compass Necklace

francis barker white gold compass pendant birthday gift for wife with twisted rope design around compass face

Nautique Gold Compass Pendant

waterproof white gold compass necklace gift for wife showing 2 colour gold triangles and droplets design around the pendant

2 Colour Gold Compass Pendant

Celebrate life with a gold compass pendant


Compass Lockets in Silver and Gold

Let’s take a look at some of my handmade compass lockets with a working compass inside.

What is a Compass Locket?

A compass locket is a pendant that opens to reveal a compass inside.

How is a locket different to a pendant?

Some people use the words “pendant” and “locket” interchangeably, but for me a locket is something that opens to reveal something inside.

What makes these compass lockets unique?

Every silver compass locket here is different.


Because I hand make each one and it’s so much more interesting to make unique designs each time.

Handmade Compass Lockets

Every last detail of these compass lockets is handmade, even right down to the last tiny details of the hinges and the clasps.

It’s really satisfying opening these sturdy clasps and how they close with a reassuring “snap”.

Compass Lockets as Gifts

People often choose my compass lockets to own and wear as personal treasures for themselves. They also gift them as gifts to loved ones.

Wedding Anniversary Compass Locket

Compass Lockets make an inspired wedding anniversary gift and the hexagonal Texas Star Compass Locket below was made especially for a 40th wedding anniversary.

sapphire silver working compass locket with lid open showing gold waves and droplets around the sapphire

Sapphire Silver Compass Locket

octagonal silver compass locket wedding anniversary gift with gold texas star on the lid and a working compass inside

Texas Star Compass Locket

handmade gold compass locket necklace with lid open showing working compass inside

Gold Compass Locket

Compass lockets for life's journey


You deserve the best

Inside every pendant is a working compass you can put on and leave on wherever you go.

Even in the shower and swimming!

Uniquely customised survival compasses, designed for life.

Complete your compass

Choose from 2 styles of chain in the compass shop, each available in 18 or 27 inches (46 or 68cm).

Every chain is hand finished so you can have a different length if required. Just ask.

Personalise your compass

Having a personal engraving on your compass is another way to personalise it.

Add a message, initials, significant date or a promise.

The compass arrived yesterday!  It is so beautiful and I know my daughter will treasure it always.  Thank you very much!

Natasha K, Cyprus

Sapphire Compass Pendant, Graduation Compass Gift

Hi Gee,  Still loving my compass!  I’m totally enjoying it and can’t seem to keep my fingers off of it.  Have a great day!

Miriam T, US

Feather Compass, A gift for herself

Hi Gee, Parcel received – compass looks fabulous! Many thanks

Stuart M, Scotland

Forest Trail Compass, A memento for his wife

Custom Compass

Designed and created just for you.

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