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Fire Opal Necklace
Handmade Fire Opal Necklace gift for his wife's birthday (g321)

A handmade necklace based on the lyrics of a song about a voyage across the water where “life is the ocean and love is the boat”.

Commissioned as a gift for his wife on her birthday, the necklace incorporates her birthstone and their children’s birthstone. Fire opal and garnets are woven into the design of solid silver waterdrops decorated with gold highlights.

Garnet is the January birthstone. Its great brilliance led many early explorers to carry a garnet as a talisman and protective stone as it was believed to light up the night and keep them safe from harm. Opal is the October birthstone and has been thought to help with creativity, providing inspiration and imagination to all situations.

Free movement of the elements along the chain adds to the natural flow and makes it a pleasure to wear. I’m told that the lady wears it all the time! Finishing with a love heart and an anchor falling either side of the clasp, every last detail has been considered.

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