Live Laugh Love Engraved Compass Pendant

  • Live Laugh Love Engraved Compass Pendant (g414)
  • Engraved Silver Compass Pendant Bon Voyage Gift (g414)
  • Engraved Silver Compass Necklace Leaving Gift (g414)
  • Silver Live Laugh Love Engraved Compass Necklace (g414)
  • Engraved Silver Compass Necklace of Love (g414)
  • Francis Barker NATO Working Compass in Engraved Silver Necklace Gift (g414)

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A simple silver compass pendant beautifully engraved with the words Live Laugh Love.

A meaningful gift for close friend who was moving to a new country, a sentimental way of reminding the person that they can always seek us out anywhere we are in the world.

A Francis Barker compass set in sterling silver. Read up on the compass inside – it’s one of the best out there.

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Ref: G414, 17mm diameter