Double Rope Twist Silver Compass Pendant

Nautical Compass Gift and Talisman

For a lady who sails, a double band of rope of twisted silver and gold gives this compass necklace a nautical feel.

Chosen as a gift for his girlfriend who sails professionally, this top quality working compass is a treasure. A gift to help her navigate both life and the sea, but mostly chosen as a talisman to bring her home safely while she is out sailing.

The Francis Barker survival compass inside has been uniquely customised so you can get it wet without worrying about it. Whether you’re swimming, showering, snorkelling or sailing, this is a compass necklace you can put on and leave on because it’s fine in water.

A nautical compass necklace for his girlfriend

Ref: G369, 21mm diameter, silver and gold.

This compass is sold!

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