Custom Labradorite Necklace

  • Handmade Labradorite Necklace (g442)
  • Personalised Labradorite Necklace (g442)
  • Unique necklace with her name in gold (g442)
  • Gold scrollwork on handmade labradorite necklace (g442)
  • Stunning labradorite necklace back (g442)
  • Special Commission Necklace for a lady (g442)
  • Labradorite Necklace on model (g442)

Delicate gold swirls with secret meaning frame this spectacular Labradorite. Each letter of the wearer’s name is secretly woven into the swirling design. Gold arabesques contrast with the whiteness of the silver. An elegant surround to a gorgeous Labradorite.

Working together on the design, we came up with an elegant necklace, comfortable enough to wear everyday. Both sides of the Labradorite were enchanting, so we made sure to have some of the back showing, too.

One of my favourite gemstones, this labradorite is a fine example. I also like the idea that it’s been considered to protect one’s aura, to help achieve one’s destiny and clarify one’s direction.

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Ref: G442