Star Compass Pendant

One of a kind Graduation Compass Gift

A one of a kind silver compass pendant with an elegant, twisted stem and adorned with gold featuring a black star diopside. The stem makes it easy to hold and use, as well as giving it a touch of elegance.

With a working compass concealed in the back, this necklace has hidden qualities! Not just any compass, this is a Francis Barker NATO survival compass that’s been customised to make it fine to wear in water, worry free. Read about the compass inside to see why it’s one of the best there is.

As with each of my compass creations, this compass pendant was individually handmade. I design and make unique compasses for people who are looking for compass jewellery they won’t find anywhere else.

A graduation compass compass gift for their daughter

Ref: G423,17mm diameter pendant, 5cm from top to tip, silver and gold

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