21st Birthday Compass

  • 21st Birthday Silver Compass Necklace (g406)
  • Silver Compass Necklace with Clarsach Harp (g406)
  • Silver Compass Necklace 21st Birthday Gift (g406)
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  • 21st Birthday Compass Necklace with Labradorite (g406)
  • 21st Birthday Compass Pendant with silver swirl bead (g406)
  • 21st Birthday Compass Pendant with Working Compass (g406)
  • Button Compass Necklace in Silver for 21st Birthday (g406)

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A custom made silver compass pendant with a unique silver bead featuring a tiny silver harp.

This compass gift was especially made for someone who plays the Clarsach Harp.

[blockquote]My daughter was a sea scout and wants us to give her a piece of jewellry that we think would mean something to her. A compass seems like a great idea and I thought yours were beautiful. Can you put a wee harp on it somewhere too as she plays the Clarsach?[/blockquote]

The compass inside is a fully working Francis Barker button compass of top quality.

Labradorite displays flashes of colour when viewed at certain angles. Typically peacock blue but can include greens, coppery reds and dusky golds. This mineral has been associated with attracting the strength and perseverance required to achieve one’s destiny. It can help to clarify one’s direction and so is wonderfully suited to being part of a compass pendant.

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Ref: G406, 17mm diameter pendant