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Sapphire Compass Wedding Gift for His Wife
Sapphire Compass Wedding gift for his Wife (G275)

A compass from my Husband on our Wedding Day

I received this beautiful handcrafted compass pendant as a wedding gift from my husband, Doug, and was delighted with it from the first time I saw it! The blue sapphire on one side matches my wedding ring, and since I wear tons of blue, I have lots of occasions to wear it. The significance of the compass is dear to my heart, as traveling has been a lifelong passion; I absolutely love it! Every time I wear it I think of the day he gave it to me, and I feel it brings me good luck. The pendant was made so lovingly and exquisitely, it truly is a piece of art! Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us, you definitely have a gift.

Laura, Canada
Ref: G275