Sunstone Libretto Pendant

sunstone libretto necklace in silver and gold (g207)gorgeous sunstone set in silver and gold (g207)handmade necklace with sunstone (g207)handmade necklace in silver and gold with sunstone (g207)sunstone pendant wrapped in gold (g207)unique sunstone necklace design (g207)silver necklace with sunstone set in gold (g207)

A unique gift for his wife

A spirited pendant (I had such fun making it!) with an enchanting sunstone.  Wrapped in 18k gold it sparkles as it catches the light.

A gentleman’s gift for his wife.

Handmade silver and gold necklace

As well as its captivating colour, this sunstone has inner sparkle. Different angles of light reveal its twinkling depths thanks to brilliant reflections from its inclusions. Setting this gorgeous sunstone in 18k gold was essential.

Surrounded by a design of swirls, curves and droplets in a combination of silver and 18k gold, this is a striking necklace. A necklace with personality.

The Sunstone

As well as a gemstone thought to alleviate stress and to increase vitality, the sunstone has been used to encourage independence and originality. In ancient Greece it was thought to represent the sun god bringing life and abundance to the wearer.

Ref: G207