Golden Wedding Anniversary Bracelet

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Golden Wedding Anniversary Gift to his Wife

This specially commissioned bracelet was made in celebration of a Golden Wedding Anniversary.

As a gift to his wife, the bracelet is a Golden Wedding Anniversary gift with a difference!

The “gemstones” are actually the stones she found in the tread of her boot. She and her husband had been out walking on their anniversary and those stones became special!

The Story of the Stones

On the day of her Anniversary, 3 stones became lodged in the tread of her shoe whilst visiting High Force waterfall in County Durham. She had the most amazing time with her husband and family and wanted to capture the memories and the story in some way. To this end, those same stones are now encased in silver and make up part of this bracelet.

We talked about the trip at length and came up with this design.

The bracelet now reminds her of that day’s precious moments.

50 droplets of Gold

This silver bracelet is adorned with 50 droplets in 9k gold along its length. One droplet for each year of marriage – and gold since it’s the Golden Wedding Anniversary. Uniquely designed and entirely hand made to celebrate a significant occasion for a special couple.

A final finishing personal touch was to add an engraved disc showing the dates and initials of the happy couple. I so enjoyed making this bracelet!

Ref: G351