Explorer Working Compass Pendant (g555)
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Explorer Compass Pendant

Working Compass Necklace with an amazing sparkle.

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A Compass for Explorers

Wear a compass every day as you explore your world.

Working compass necklace with a tsavorite garnet of incredible colour and twinkle. I love this stone and it was a gemstone I used in one of the first compasses I ever made for myself, but that's another story.

A silver landscape of uneven textures and flowing swirls surrounds the tsavorite garnet with a tiny constellation of droplets in gold.

As we navigate the journey of life, the terrain can be challenging as well as smooth. We’re all explorers ready to face challenges and will find treasures along the way.

Here’s a picture of the finished piece emerging from the workshop, still in need of final polish.


A Silver Compass that Really Works

Appearing to some as a necklace, not everyone will know that there's a compass set into the back of the pendant. Not only that, it's a Francis Barker Compass which means it's a reliable working compass that you can trust. I've gone the distance to make sure it's waterproof too, and you can read about my waterproof compasses at your leisure.

Working Survival Compass in Silver and Gold (g555)

Tsavorite Garnet

The Tsavorite garnet is a stone of great brilliance led many early explorers to carry a garnet as a talisman and protective stone, as it was believed to light up the night and keep them safe from harm.

Yes, the name of the stone really is spelled that way, starting with a "t"!

Dimensions & Materials

Silver and 18k gold with tsavorite garnet.
17mm diameter pendant shown here on a Luxury Box chain which you can purchase separately.

Out of Stock?

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Chains and Engraving Options

Explore the different styles of silver chain. If you need a special length, please contact me and I will make one just for you.

To find out about a personal inscription, see the compass engraving options & examples. Laser engraving happens away from the workshop studio so please allow an extra 2 weeks when thinking about delivery.

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