Sunstone Working Compass Pendant (G561)
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Sunset Compass Pendant

Shimmering sunset compass pendant

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Shimmering Golden Sunset Compass

This silver compass pendant features a shimmering sunstone set in gold to complement its gorgeous orangey red. Delicate droplets of gold at the top of the pendant add to the unique design making it one of a kind.

Navigate your way to sunny places. Imagine new destinations.

Working Compass Necklace Gift

Turn the pendant over to see the compass inside. A working compass of quality that has been customised to make it waterproof so you can  get it wet without worrying about ruining it. Yes, that means you can even take a shower without taking it off. Read about the compass inside to find out more and see what makes it so special.

The Sunstone

Tiny particles inside the stone are what make it shimmer when the light reflects on it.  In ancient Greece, Sunstone was thought to represent the sun god bringing life and abundance to the wearer.

Dimensions and Materials

Silver and 9k gold with a sunstone. 18mm diameter pendant. Francis Barker NATO Compass (read more about this working, waterproof compass). The pendant is shown here on a Luxury Box chain which is optional.

Out of Stock?

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Chains and Engraving Options

Explore the different styles of silver chain. If you need a special length, please contact me and I will make one just for you.

To find out about a personal inscription, see the compass engraving options & examples. Laser engraving happens away from the workshop studio so please allow an extra 2 weeks when thinking about delivery.

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