Expedition Gold Compass Pendant (g403)
Expedition Gold Compass Pendant (g403) Expedition Gold Working Compass Necklace (g403) Expedition Gold Working Compass Pendant (g403) Expedition Gold Working Graduation Compass Gift (g403) Expedition Gold Graduation Compass Gift (g403) Expedition Gold Compass Necklace Gift for Wife (g403) Expedition Gold Compass Pendant Gift for a man (g403) Francis Barker NATO Working Compass in gold (g403) 18k Gold Working Compass Gift for your wife (g403) Handmade working compass necklace gift for wife (g403) Survival Compass set in 18k Gold (g403) Gold Working Compass on Gold chain (g403)

Expedition Gold Compass Pendant

Gold compass pendant for life

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Gold Compass Pendant

Handmade gold compass pendant created in 18k gold. A simple design that could easily be worn by a man or a woman, this wearable gold compass is a working compass of quality.

Handmade in my jewellery workshop, created using the traditional skills of classical workmanship, this is a gold compass pendant built to last. Made with generous amounts of 18k gold and, as with all of my compass creations, the compass is set in place in the same way that a gemstone is set into a ring. NO GLUE has been used to secure it, instead the gold is pushed over the compass using metalsmith techniques, safely holding it in place forever.

Polished to a beautiful, lustrous finish, this is a compass you can enjoy wearing and rely on to keep you safe. An excellent choice for someone who prefers handmade gold jewellery.

Waterproof Gold Compass Necklace

Let me tell you about the working compass inside. It’s a Francis Barker survival compass BUT while the Francis Barker button compass is already renowned for its excellent quality, I have made them even better by uniquely customising them to make them waterproof and giving them a quartz face. The end result is that you have a waterproof compass that won’t leak which means you can wear this gold compass in the shower, when you go swimming or if you go snorkelling!

An additional benefit of choosing a waterproof gold compass is that you never need to take it off, which means you never have to risk being without it. Many of us enjoy the feeling of security that wearing a compass every day brings and this is a gold compass necklace you can put on and leave on.

Gold Compass Pendant Gift

If you’re navigating around the world, on land or by sea, a working compass necklace makes a practical gift for the adventurer or sailor. As a Graduation Compass Pendant or a Christening Compass Necklace, it makes a wonderful gift, the compass as a symbol of navigating life safely, happily and healthily.

Whatever your reason for seeking out a gold compass pendant gift, be it a Christmas Compass Necklace for your girlfriend, a Wedding Anniversary Compass Gift for your wife or a simple gold compass pendant for a man, my working compass jewellery makes a unique gift for the one you love, each piece individually handmade, full of meaning and symbolic of navigating life.

As ever, don’t forget that you can choose a gold compass necklace for yourself, too!

18k gold compass pendant

**Please note: Chain not included. If you would like a chain for this compass, contact me for a quote.

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