Destiny Compass Pendant (G522)
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Destiny Compass Pendant

Look to the future, live for today with this working compass necklace.

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A silver compass necklace symbolic of destiny. We're always moving forward in life, changing, adapting and encountering new experiences as our journey unfolds.

Featuring one of my favourite gemstones, the Labradorite, this is a silver compass pendant imbued with optimism for the present and the future.

Look to the future, live for today.

The top quality button compass inside is like no other out there. Ready for anything, all day and every day.

First found on the Canadian peninsula of Labrador in 1805, the Labradorite stone displays flashes of colour when viewed at certain angles. You can see how this little treasure does exactly that! An optical effect called labradorescence, it's typically peacock blue but can include greens, coppery reds and dusky golds.

Thought of as a mineral to protect one's aura and attract the strength and perseverance required to achieve one's destiny. A perfect stone for a silver compass necklace gift with meaning, no question.

Handmade in silver, there's space on the back of this forward facing working compass pendant for an engraving. Shown here on a luxury box chain.

Silver compass with lovely labradorite. Oh, and labradorescence really is a word - I didn't make it up!

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Chains and Engraving Options

Explore the different styles of silver chain. If you need a special length, please contact me and I will make one just for you.

To find out about a personal inscription, see the compass engraving options & examples. Laser engraving happens away from the workshop studio so please allow an extra 2 weeks when thinking about delivery.