Vikings Compass Necklace

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Compass Necklace Gift for our Niece

An indigo blue iolite nestles at the centre of the four compass points in this working compass pendant in silver and gold.

Why a Viking’s Compass Pendant?

The Vikings once used the iolite miineral as a form of compass. Instead of seeking magnetic north, it’s believed that the Vikings¬†could locate the position of the sun by looking through a slice of iolite. The stone acted as a light polarizer and cancelled out haze and mist on cloudy days.

On their voyages across the sea, keeping track of where the sun was meant they could find their way.

While iolite was the compass to the Vikings, here it features as a lovely facetted, indigo blue gemstone. Turn the pendant over and discover a real, working survival compass of top quality. It’s a Francis Barker button compass that’s been uniquely customised to make it waterproof and has a scratch resistant quartz face. My compass creations are designed for life and you can read about how I’ve made the working compass inside so good. Read about the compass inside!

Each compass is individually handmade and unique. This Vikings Compass Necklace has a four point directional design embellished with droplets of gold. With the compass worn facing the body, it’s always there for you, ready and faithful, no matter what.

Shown here on a silver curb chain.

A special compass necklace for their niece

Ref: G538, silver and gold.

This compass is sold!

See what’s available in the shop today.

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