Engraved Silver Compass Locket

  • Handmade Silver Compass Locket (g407)
  • Unique Silver Compass Locket with handmade clasp (g407)
  • Handmade silver Compass Locket with quality clasp (g407)
  • Francis Barker NATO Survival compass in Silver Compass Locket (g407)
  • Handmade Silver Compass Locket with space for photo (g407)
  • Silver Compass Locket with Engraving (g407)
  • Engraved Silver Compass Locket with chain (g407)

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Open this silver compass locket to discover a one of a kind working compass inside. Close it again with a reassuring snap of the clasp.

A locket so you can find north at any time, to remind you that this is your life, your journey.

Chosen by a lady for herself and made even more personal with an engraving just for her.

View compass lockets in the shop to find out what’s currently available.

Ref: G407, 25mm diameter

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