Sapphire Compass Locket

  • Sapphire Silver Compass Locket (g314)
  • Francis Barker NATO Survival Compass in Silver Locket with Sapphire (g314)
  • Sapphire Silver Compass Locket Pendant on Chain (g314)
  • Silver Working Compass Locket Necklace with Sapphire (g314)
  • Silver Compass Locket with Sapphire on Lid (g314)
  • Sapphire Silver Compass Locket on double strand chain (g314)
  • Silver Compass Locket with Sapphire and silver droplets (g314)
  • Sapphire Silver Compass Locket with Hallmark (g314)
  • Silver Compass Locket with blue Sapphire gemstone (g314)
  • Sapphire Silver Compass Locket Necklace with brushed silver back (g314)
  • Sapphire Silver Button Compass Locket (g314)

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silver compass locket with a blue sapphire set into the lid, handmade down to the last detail. Just holding this locket in your hand is a pleasure. Its weight, the smooth outer band, the curve of the dome, the droplets in silver. Opening and closing it is a joy, too!

The compass inside is one of quality, a Francis Barker compass that has been customised to make it even better. Water resistant and with a quartz face, there is no other compass like it.

A facetted sapphire nestles in amongst silver droplets in the lid. Open the compass locket and view the blue sapphire with light shining through the aperture.

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Ref: G314, 25mm diameter