Peridot Talisman Compass Pendant

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Graduation Compass Necklace Gift

Working compass pendant in silver and gold with twinkling peridot.

The individually handmade, intricate design is inspired by choosing our direction in life amidst the twists and turns we encounter along the way. Intertwined silver and gold elements settle together perfectly forming a unique style and character.

Also known as the evening emerald, the peridot gemstone has been thought of as a talisman against terrors of the night since it holds its colour and gentle glow in the twilight. The birthstone for August, it’s also said to have a warm and friendly energy (sounds cosy!).

And now to the compass itself. There’s a real working compass set into the back which you can see when you turn the pendant over. Designed for life, this is a compass of quality like no other, ready to be worn every day – plus you can even get it wet without harming it, too, because it’s a waterproof compass. So, no need to worry if you leave your compass pendant on when you’re in the shower! The Francis Barker survival compass inside has been uniquely customised and it really is completely fine in water.

As a unique graduation gift to wish a special daughter safe travels on her adventures, this Peridot Talisman Compass Pendant will be her faithful, and beautiful, companion.

A delicate and strong graduation compass necklace for their daughter

Ref: G537, silver and gold.

This compass is sold!

See what’s available in the shop today.

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