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Maple Leaf Jigsaw Pendant
Maple Leaf Silver Jigsaw Pendant g542

Maple Leaf Jigsaw Pendant

A New Arrival in the Family

A new piece of the family jigsaw was handmade especially to celebrate the arrival of their new grandson, Greyson.

In the original silver jigsaw puzzle, each pendant was designed to have a connection with its wearer, for example the Treble Clef Jigsaw Pendant was for a Greyson’s Mom who enjoys singing. Since Greyson was born in Haiti and is part of a devoted and loving Canadian family, his piece of the puzzle has a Maple Leaf, the national symbol of Canada, with the island of Haiti within it. A gold droplet marks his place of birth, Port-au-Prince.

Greyson was born in October, so his birthstone is Opal. To make this creation even more personal, this creation includes his birthstone and an engraving.

Ref: G542

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