Garnet Squiggle Ring

  • Handmade Garnet Squiggle Ring (g176)
  • Custom made garnet squiggle ring (g176)
  • Mandarin Garnet Custom made ring (g176)
  • Custom Made ring with Garnet and gold (g176)
  • Handmade Garnet Ring in Silver and Gold (g176)
  • Custom Made Squiggle Ring with Garnet (g176)

A custom made ring in silver and 18k gold featuring a striking garnet.

Captivated by the colour of the garnet, the lady wanted this ring to be of bold design. Keeping the garnet as the main feature, it is flanked with a delicate touch in the form of a gold squiggle all around the band.

Its great brilliance led many early explorers to carry a garnet as a talisman and protective stone, as it was believed to light up the night and keep them safe from harm. It’s easy to see how this particular garnet might have such brilliance!

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Ref: G176