Feather Compass Pendant with Labradorite

  • Feather Compass Pendant with working compass (g515)

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A handmade compass necklace handmade in silver and 18k gold with a stunning Labradorite. Custom made, a Native America Feather sweeps around the compass pendant. Made especially for a lady to remind her of loved ones, including her Great Grandmother who was Native American.

The Labradorite remains a favourite gemstone and this one is a lovely example of its amazing colours.

A necklace with a secret, there’s a top quality survival compass set into the back that’s framed in trail of golden symbols depicting the fascinating path of life.

A compass necklace ready for adventure no matter where you go as there’s a working compass of quality to show you which way is north. A Francis Barker survival compass that’s been uniquely customised so you can get it wet without worrying about it. Whether you’re swimming, showering or snorkelling, this is a compass necklace you can put on and leave on because it’s water resistant.

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Ref: G515