Classic Gold Compass Necklace

  • classic gold compass necklace (g308)
  • Classic 18k Gold Compass Pendant Gift on chain (g308)
  • Working Gold Compass Pendant gift (g308)
  • Working Gold compass necklace with White Gold Frame (g308)
  • 2 colour gold working compass necklace gift (g308)
  • 18k gold compass necklace gift for girlfriend (g308)
  • Francis Barker NATO Survival Gold Compass Pendant (g308)

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Framed in a band of white gold, this compass pendant has a clean and classic design suitable for a man or a woman. A gold compass of quality.

There’s a working compass inside with no plastic and no liquid to leak out. Held in place using traditional stone setting skills (not glue!) this is a Francis Barker NATO Survival compass of sound construction, designed to stand the test of time.  Uniquely customised to incorporate a quartz face and one you can safely wear in the shower because it is water resistant.

Engraved to remind the wearer of the loved ones in his life.

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Ref: G308