Graduation Compass Pendants

Handmade working graduation compass pendants

Graduation Compass Pendants

Here are some compasses that people have chosen especially as Graduation Gifts. A unique style of wearable compass pendants, each one individually handmade, each with a working compass inside that’s waterproof.

Compasses your Graduate can keep with them wherever they go.


Meaningful Graduation Gifts

A Graduation Compass pendant gift is a symbol of your love.

Your compass gift conveys a wish for their happiness and safety as they navigate life.

Graduation Compass Pendants

Here are some pendants showing the working button compass where it’s worn facing outwards and can be seen all the time.

Expedition Graduation Compass Pendant (g521)

Expedition II Compass Pendant

Silver Wave Graduation Compass Gift for Daugher (g465)

Silver Wave Compass

Elegance Compass Necklace Gift for Graduation (g517)

Elegance Compass Necklace


Look ahead with a Graduation Compass Pendant

Graduation Compass Necklaces

Some compass pendants appear to be a gemstone necklace but, in fact, have a button compass set into the back. I also like using a mix of silver and gold.

Working Star Compass Pendant Graduation (g423)

Black Star Compass Pendant

Graduation Rope Twist Compass Gift (g531)

Rope Twist Compass I

Graduation Gift for Daughter Silver & Gold Compass (g338)

Silver & Gold Compass


Navigate life with a Graduation Compass Necklace

Gemstone Graduation Compass Pendants

These graduation compass pendants featured a gemstone, here with a labradorite and an opal, so the compass is set into the back.

Gemstone Graduation Compass Gift (g393)

Labradorite Swirl Compass

Ocean Blue Graduation Compass Pendant (g411)

Ocean Compass Necklace

Black Star Working Compass Pendant (g423)

Black Star Compass Pendant


Promise love with a gemstone graduation compass pendant

Graduation Compass Gifts

Compass gifts can take the form of a simple silver pendant or a more intricate compass locket.

Sapphire silver compass locket (g410)

Sapphire Silver Compass Locket

Gold Droplet Compass Pendant Gift for Graduation (g330)

Gold Droplet Compass Pendant

Simple silver working graduation compass gift (g305)

NDura Compass Gift


Graduation Compass Gifts for life's journey