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Finding your way this year

Stepping Stones Pendants

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Silver Stepping Stones

Wouldn’t it feel good to know that the next step you take is the right one, that it’s taking you in the right direction?

I’m passionate about creating compass jewellery – I love the way it symbolises life, the paths we choose and changes we embrace – and navigating this last year has certainly brought a new perspective on life.

At times I’ve felt overwhelmed by it all but, thankfully, at the same time what’s really important has become clearer. Living life somewhat differently, hopefully for the better, I’m still learning and finding my way.

Are you, like me, taking new and alternative steps in an uncertain world?

If you are, then I hope you’ll like that I’ve created some silver stepping stones.

Inspired by the hefty, grounded boulders in the riverbed that help us find our way, one step at a time, across the strong current swirling all around us.

Silver Stepping Stone Pendant with blue stones

Iolite Blue Stepping Stones Pendant

What a beautiful blue! Lovely solid piece with sparkle. Iolite, clear and and lilac coloured cubic zirconia.

Stepping Stones silver pendant with garnet

Garnet Talisman Stepping Stones

Rich red garnets with sparkling clear and peridot green cubic zirconia and a drop of gold.

Want to find out more?

Head on over to my new little boutique!

Steeping Stones silver pendant with bright blue stones with

Topaz Blue Stepping Stones Pendant

Simple and elegant these clear and coloured cubic zirconia give a striking sparkle.

Orange glow silver stepping stones pendant

Golden Glow Stepping Stones

Simplicity with striking colours in solid silver.

Amethyst Halo Stepping Stones silver pendant

Amethyst Halo Stepping Stones

Clear, lilac, pink and amethyst coloured cubic zirconia on a halo with silver droplets around this stepping stone.

amethyst orbit silver stepping stones pendant

Amethst Orbit Stepping Stones Pendant

Concentric silver circles with clear, lilac, pink and amethyst coloured cubic zirconia.

Do I still make compass jewellery?

Yes, I do!

You can read more about  what’s so different about my compass pendants.


Learning something new

You may have noticed rather a lot of sparkly stones set into these stepping stones pendants and all I can say is that I’m excited to be doing it!

Flush setting, also known as gypsy setting, is a skill I’ve been wanting to accomplish for a long time, so this year I decided to master it.

Making jewellery is like a wonderful journey, partly because there is always so much to learn. Each of its many facets opens up possibilities for new creations, each new skill brings the ability to add a different dimension to our creativity.

I’d held on to the belief that I’d never be able to set stones this way but, as I’ve said, this past year has given me time to reflect. Not surprisingly, I realised that my limiting thoughts were the only thing getting in the way!

gee backhouse
Gee Backhouse
Creator of Wearable Compasses & Meaningful Jewellery

Hello and Happy New Year from the Compass Lady

Hi, I’m Gee and I’m the one who creates each of these individually handmade pendants.

If you have any questions then I’d love to hear from you, either here in the comments or you can contact me.


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