Finding Your Way This Year

Navigating Life’s Uncertainties

Have you ever felt like you’re unsure if you’re on the right path in life? It must be a feeling that many of us experience at one point or another. But what if you could know that every step you take is taking you closer to where you want to be? This idea is what inspired me, as a jewelry designer, to create a unique piece of jewelry that symbolizes the paths we choose and the changes we embrace.

Taking One Step at a Time

As the past year has brought a new perspective on life, I’ve found myself navigating uncertain waters. At times, I’ve felt overwhelmed and afraid, but I’ve also gained a greater appreciation for the freedoms I usually take for granted. That’s why I believe in taking things one step at a time, like crossing a river on stepping stones. Each step requires careful consideration, testing for stability and slipperiness before fully committing.

Stepping Stones Pendants

This idea of stepping stones has become symbolic of life for me, and it’s inspired me to create Stepping Stones pendants. Each pendant is made by letting molten silver form its own shape as it solidifies, making each one unique. They’re then completed using a technique called flush setting, adding a bit of sparkle with twinkling stones. It’s a skill that I’ve been wanting to master for a long time, and I finally decided to tackle it this year.

Jewelry making is a never-ending journey of discovery and learning. Each new skill I acquire allows me to add a new dimension to my creations, and I’m constantly amazed by the possibilities. So if you, like me, are taking new and less certain steps in an uncertain world, remember it’s OK to take things one step at a time if that’s your style. Embrace the journey and never stop learning – who knows what you’ll discover.

Silver pendants with colourful gemstones

Gee Backhouse