Celebrating Graduation Day and Beyond

Ceremonies, celebrations and meaningful gifts

Celebrating Graduation Day and Beyond.

by | Apr 30, 2018 | Celebrations

Graduation is all around. Ceremonies are imminent and celebrations planned.

Meaningful Graduation Compass Pendants are being prepared to give to loved ones on their special day.

When you look at Graduation, it leads towards a special ceremony marking the conclusion of your studies and the achievement of a diploma or academic degree.

Afterwards, once the celebrations are over, it’s time to put all that learning into practice. The graduation ceremony is also known as “commencement” which makes sense as it brings the beginning of something new and different.

signpost showing the way to go at a wedding
signpost graduation gift idea to explore the world

“Taking the first brave steps putting your learning and achievement into practice is at the very heart of gaining experience”

Graduation Gifts Travel the Globe

Being at the beginning of a new phase can be encouraging, freeing, even a bit of a relief. No matter who we are, we’re all constantly learning and when you’re at the very start of a new stage in life, it’s normal and expected to stumble a little.

Keeping this in mind can make it easier to try things out. Those around you want to see you try out your skills. They also know it’s going to take you a while to find your balance. Taking the first brave steps putting your learning and achievement into practice is at the very heart of gaining experience in your field.

A compass from my Husband on our Wedding Day

I received this beautiful handcrafted compass pendant as a wedding gift from my husband, Doug, and was delighted with it from the first time I saw it! The blue sapphire on one side match my wedding ring, and since I wear tons of blue, I have lots of occasions to wear it. The significance of the compass is dear to my heart, as traveling has been a lifelong passion; I absolutely love it! Every time I wear it I think of the day he gave it to me, and I feel it brings me good luck. The pendant was made so lovingly and exquisitely, it truly is a piece of art! Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us, you definitely have a gift.

Sapphire Compass Wedding Gift for His Wife

Laura A, Edmonton, Canada, Sapphire Silver Compass Pendant

As parents, family or friends, we want the best for our loved ones. We recognise the significance of Graduation, and can see the changes that come with it, too.

Changes in the pattern of everyday life, the friendships you’ve shared and surroundings that have become familiar.

We’re proud of our loved ones and wish them all our love for their future. Our love for them goes beyond success in their field though. We wish whole heartedly for them to be happy, brave, safe and to stay true to themselves.

I’m all for living life in harmony with our values and feel that a compass is a neat way of symbolising that.

On the days when you get a bit swept away by life, wearing a compass pendant can help remind you of your own personal north.

graduation guidance to stay true to their values

“a compass pendant to remind you of your own personal north”

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