Life Compasses

Handmade Life Compass Pendants in Gold and Silver
The compass is often used in jewellery design as a way of symbolising direction in life. And, like me, many people want to wear a compass themselves or to choose one as a gift. Sometimes it's to celebrate a birthday, a graduation or an achievement. Other times it's been more about a big decision or in connection with a change of direction.

I have developed a beautiful and unique style of compass pendants. But it's not just about their beauty. These compasses are different in that they are made to work - and to last. Each one is set within a handmade pendant and is designed to be worn everyday, in the shower, up a mountain and on an evening out in your best party clothes.

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Compass Designs and Styles

To help you choose the right Life Compass for you, here's a selection of some of the designs I've made before. This can also help with ideas if you'd like me to custom make a compass just for you.

Forward Facing Compasses

The compass is worn facing outwards and can be seen all the time.

Forest Trail Compass Pendant (G497)Forest Trail Compass
Silver Expedition Compass Pendant on Chain (g492) Silver Expedition Compass
Forward Facing Compass Necklace (g474)5 Elements Compass Necklace

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Gemstone Compass Pendants

Life Compasses that appear to be a necklace but, in fact, have a compass set into the back which is worn facing the body. You could say that the compass element of the necklace is more secret with this style.

Aurora Borealis Labradorite Compass Necklace (g494) Aurora Sunburst Labradorite Compass
Turquoise Talisman Compass Necklace (g496) Turquoise Talisman Compass Necklace
Amethyst Orbit Silver Compass Necklace (G490) Orbit Amethyst Compass

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Engraved Compass Pendants

An engraving is another way to personalise your Life Compass. You can have yours engraved with words or a design and the engraving can be on the back or sometimes around the sides of the compass. Lots of options!

Engraved Gold Compass Pendant (g455) Path of Life Gold Compass
Engraved Silver Compass Locket (g407)Compass Locket engraved on the lid
Engraved Silver Compass Necklace (g413) Engraving on the back

More about Engraved Compasses

Compass Size

Big enough to use, small enough to wear with comfort.

Compass with a pencil to show size
Compass Necklace on Neck to show size
Compass in my hand to show its size

Life Compasses in Gold

Handmade especially for those who prefer a compass in gold.

White Gold Compass Pendant with Elegant Stem (g454) White Gold Compass Necklace
Nautique Handmade Gold Compass Pendant (g525) Nautique Gold Compass Pendant
Gold Compass Pendant Design (g455)2 Colour Gold Compass

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Compass Lockets

Where the compass is hidden inside the locket.

Sapphire on Silver Compass Locket Lid (g410)Sapphire Silver Compass Locket
Texas Star Locket (g445) Texas Star Compass Locket
Compass Locket in Gold (g419)Compass Locket in Gold

Your Life Compass

Each Life Compass Pendant is unique and people are becoming collectors!
Want to hear about latest creations?

Life Compass Options


You can choose either an 18inch (46cm) or 27inch (68cm) chain for your compass in one of 2 styles - curb or luxury box. These lengths work well for women and men respectively, with the longer length also looking great on women who like their compass to hang a little lower on the neck (and for it to be even easier to fiddle with!). If you have another length for your chain in mind then just let me know and I'll make it up for you.

Custom Made Compass

Each of my Life Compasses is individually handmade and unique.  If you like the idea of having one made just for you to your own design (or one we work on together…!) then here's what's involved with the custom made process step by step.

Engraving Your Compass

Having a personal engraving on your compass is another way to personalise it. Read about engraving your compass and, as you'll see, there's more than one way to do this! There are some ideas for what to have engraved there, too.

Compass Jewellery I've Made Before

An ever growing portfolio of compasses creations, here's where you can browse through some of the compasses I've made before.

Life Compass Information

I have a thing for compasses and could go on and on, but will keep it short! Here are some links where you can learn more about the compasses if you want to.

The Compass Inside

It's really important to me that the compass inside is a decent one that you can put on and leave on without having to worry about spoiling it.  You can read about the compass inside to see what I mean.

I use the same compass inside each of my compass creations so the size doesn't change. It's the outer pendant that can change in size and design, but my aim is to keep to a comfortable size to wear.

Client Reviews

I've had some wonderful comments from people who've bought my Life Compasses which you can read in the client reviews section.

There are also some examples of why people choose a compass which I'm endeavouring to keep up to date!

I hope you see something here that you like.  If you have any questions or need any further information, then get in touch and Contact Me, I'm happy to help.

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