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Peridot Compass Necklace

Custom Made Compass with Peridot

Unique Compass Necklaces

Each of my compass creations is unique.

Whether it’s in the compass shop or you have me make one to order, it will be a one-of-a-kind. I design and make each one by hand in my workshop studio.

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Gold Compass Locket

Custom Made Gold Compass Locket

Custom Made Compass

People often choose a compass for a special occasion.  A big birthday, a leaving gift or to recognise a personal achievement.

They’re looking for something different, a compass of significance and meaning.

For some of these special occasions, people like to have a custom made compass, one where we work together to create a compass to your design.

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See some of my past compass creations

Working Silver Compass

Working Compass of Quality

A working compass of quality

What kind of compass are you looking for?  For me, a compass needs to

-  work, and to keep on working
-  be OK to wear all the time, even in the shower
-  have an attractive design

When I couldn’t find one with all of those qualities, I decided to make one for myself.  And that’s how I started making compasses!

That it’s a good quality working compass is essential.

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Silver and Gold Compass Necklace

Silver and Gold Compass Necklace

Why choose a compass?

My compasses are being worn all over the world - on a bracelet, a necklace, sometimes inside a locket.

People have been inspired to seek out a compass creation to celebrate a variety of special occasions.

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Peridot Talisman Compass

Peridot Talisman Compass

Customer Reviews

People all over the world have been celebrating special occasions and significant milestones with my compasses.  Romantic men, independent women and those feel they need a little help finding the right direction in life.

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Silver Compass Necklace

Tsavorite garnet compass necklace

My Compass Story

Compasses appeal to me.  I have a number of them…!

I like to know which way north is, whether in the country or in a big city, and keeping one with me gives a sense of security. Even with a poor sense of direction, it means I’m less likely to get lost!

But, yes, there’s more to it than that. The compass symbolises a belief that our quality of life can depend on the decisions we make and the dreams we pursue.

A compass to remind me to choose my direction in life.

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