Compass Pendants and Compass Necklaces

Gold Waves Silver Compass Necklace

Silver and Gold
Compass Necklace

Unique Compass Necklaces

Individually designed compass pendants and necklaces, handmade in my workshop studio.

Every compass creation is unique.

Whether you choose yours from the shop or have me make one to order, it will be a one-of-a-kind.


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Handmade Gold Compass Locket with working compass

Custom Made
Gold Compass Locket

Custom Made Compass

A compass pendant makes a great gift for a special occasion.  A big birthday, a leaving gift or to recognise a personal achievement.

For some of these special occasions, people have come to me for a custom made compass, one where we work together to create a compass to your design.

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Working Silver Compass in Silver and Gold

Working Compass of Quality

A working compass of quality

What are you looking for in a compass?  The compass pendants you see here are designed to

-  work, and to keep on working (that’s really important!)
-  be OK to wear all the time, even in the shower
-  be unique and individual (that is, not mass produced!)

Having searched high and low for such a compass without success, I decided to make one for myself. And that’s how it all started.

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Peridot Compass Necklace 30th Birthday Gift for a Friend

Custom Made
Compass with Peridot

Why choose a compass?

Since starting out, it’s been an inspiring journey discovering the many reasons why people seek out a compass necklace.

Sometimes it’s to celebrate a 21st Birthday or a Graduation, other times it’s been more about a big decision, or in connection with a change in direction.  Whatever the reason, it’s always heart-warming.

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Peridot Talisman Compass Necklace - a birthday gift for his wife

Peridot Talisman Compass

Customer Reviews

Browse through some the lovely messages I’ve received from people who’ve chosen one of my compasses.

Romantic men, independent women and those who like the idea of a little help finding the right direction in life.

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Silver and Gold Compass Necklace with Tsavorite Garnet

Tsavorite garnet
compass necklace

My Compass Story

Compasses appeal to me.  I have several!

I like to know which way north is, whether in the country or in a big city, and keeping one with me gives a sense of security as well as adventure. Even with a poor sense of direction, it means I’m less likely to get lost!

But there’s more to it than that. The compass symbolises a belief that our quality of life depends on the decisions we make and the dreams we pursue.

A compass to remind me to choose my direction in life.

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Here’s what you need to know about my Compass Jewellery

Unique and Individual Compass Jewellery

Each compass pendant is a unique.

You want a compass you’re not going to see someone else wearing … and I prefer working with different designs!

So, when you see the one you like in the compass shop, it’s the only one there is.

Working Compass Necklaces

The compass pendants and necklaces you find here contain a quality working compass.

A lot of creators out there claim to to have working compasses but you need to be really sure about that. Which brings me to the next point – quality.

Compass Pendants of Quality

My compass pendants are especially designed for people who want one they can rely on and know they can wear every day. One that’s made to last. A compass they can put on and leave on, even in the shower!

The Compass Inside is one of the best survival compasses out there – and uniquely customised to incorporate a scratch resistant quartz face.  No plastic.  No glue. Compass jewellery created to a high standard of quality using traditional workmanship.

Want to check out the details of the compass inside? The Compass Inside.