A ‘proper’ proposal of marriage

Some of us women like the idea of a proper proposal of marriage. By that I mean that we really do appreciate the courage it takes for you men to “get down on one knee” – metaphorically or otherwise – ask us to marry you and take the risk of being refused.

It has a sense of tradition that makes us feel special. A time honoured, romantic custom that’s survived the generations amidst all the change, noise and choice in this modern world.

The way I see it, a proposal of marriage is moment to cherish and the way this gentleman asked his girlfriend to marry him with a Secret Proposal Pendant will never be forgotten!

So, how do I ask her to marry me?

You love this person and with good reason so, to start with, you take some time to reflect.

You think about the things you most love about her.

You reflect on the wonderful times you’ve shared together so far.

You bring to mind the little things that make her who she is to you.

You dream about your future together as a couple and your hopes for her happiness in that dream.

And when you’ve done that, my guess is that you’ll have a good idea of just how you want to propose 😉


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