Star Talisman Compass Pendant Gift for wife

The Star Talisman Compass

The Star Talisman Compass
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What’s a Talisman compass?

A talisman is something that’s thought to bring good luck. It’s often worn – or carried – somewhere on the body and called an amulet or good luck charm.

I like to think of a talisman as being a little bit magical, too.

This one is the Star Talisman Compass Pendant as it has a working compass inside and reminds me of a star with rays emanating from it.

Does the compass really work?

I’m glad you asked! Yes, it does. It’s one of the best survival compasses out there and I’ve made it even better by making it waterproof.

You can read more about the compass inside.


A Cheeky Compass Pendant

This compass necklace has a cheeky, slightly funky character with lots of movement. It swings gracefully at the points of intersection when you wear it and rocks gently on its appealingly domed back, too.

Lovingly handmade in silver and 18k gold, the details of design include undulating surfaces and surprises. Droplets of gold define the 5 point star framing a working compass of unusually high quality.

I’m in love with this compass. There, I’ve said it.

working compass pendant gift for wife

Domed Back

You can see the domed back of the compass pendant here which means it moves when you wear it. When combined with the way the individual elements move together, gives this piece a life of its own!

silver and gold working compass pendant gift for wife

Balance without symmetry

Using an appealing mix of decorative elements adds to the character and inviduality. It has a lovely balanced feel without being symmetrical.

Choose a Compass Pendant

A meaningful jewellery gift for the one you love

working compass necklace gift for girlfriend

Precision details

The perfectionist in me says it’s important for every last detail to be finished and comfortable with close up scrutiny! It’s sat on a silver stand here if you’re wondering what the ring is underneath.

working compass set into silver pendant gift

A Mix of Silver and Gold

Mainly silver, this compass pendant is generously adorned with 18k gold giving an additional dimension and pleasing contrast.

star talisman compass necklace on 18 inch silver chain

On an 18 inch luxury silver box chain

This pendant is a little longer than most of those I make and seems to look great on any length of chain.

star talisman compass necklace on 27 inch silver chain

On a 27 inch luxury silver box chain

I like this compass pendant on either length of chain, whether it’s 18 inch or 27 inch. What do you think?

Star Talisman Compass Pendant Gift

Star Talisman Compass Pendant

A compass pendant gift to keep close

Here’s what the person who bought this compass had to say about it.

Dear Gee,

I loved it from the 1st time I saw it.
I’m a person who doesn’t always visit a jewelry store and if I do,
I only walk across the displayed items once and if nothing catches my eye, there will be no 2nd passing.
Sales talk doesn’t really work with me.

This design of yours made me stare at it for a couple of minutes and kept me going back to your website to look at it again. The rest is self-explanatory.

I will keep it safe and maintain its pristine condition.
You are the most gifted among jewelry designers.
In reference to all your products, hand-made by you, PATIENCE is one of your strengths.

Thank you.

What’s so different about this compass jewellery?

Every compass pendant here is uniquely handmade, waterproof and has one of the best quality working compasses inside.

Unique compass pendants you won’t find anywhere else!


Compass Pendant Gifts for your Wife

Uniquely handmade wearable compass necklace gifts

Photo by Gee

Want a compass like this?

Get in touch to have something similar made just for you.

DIFFERENT from the rest.

Waterproof, working compasses designed for life.

Want to know more?

This compass is sold!

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gee backhouse
Gee Backhouse
Creator of Wearable Compasses & Meaningful Jewellery

Hello from the Compass Lady

Hi, I’m Gee and I’m the one who creates each of these individually handmade compass pendants.

If you have any questions then I’d love to hear from you, either here in the comments or you can contact me.


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