Star Rubies (338)

  • Pair of Star Rubies
  • Pair of Star Rubies
  • Pair of Star Rubies

A pair of star rubies with an asterism, a 6-ray “star” effect that seems to glide across the surface of the stone when it is moved in the light.

Ruby is the July birthstone and is also the traditional stone when celebrating the 40th wedding anniversary. Thanks to their hardness, exceeded only by that of a diamond, rubies are easy to look after, requiring no more than the usual care on the part of the wearer.

Ruby has been described as an excellent shielding stone and one to protect the wearer from unhappiness, distressing dreams and even lightening! Its intense and vivid energy is said to light the darkness of one’s life assisting one in changing one’s world, promoting creativity and awareness.

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Ref: S338, 9mm diameter

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