Boots for your Capsule Wardrobe

Are you a capsule wardrobe person? There’s a chance I am, but I’m not sure.

Keeping my wardrobe small

Streamlining my wardrobe, reviewing and trimming it down to clothes that work together, is pretty satisfying. Just so we’re clear, this is more of a seasonal activity, not an every other week obsession!

Do my efforts result in a true capsule wardrobe? Er, probably not. For example, it suggests having just one pair of boots.


I love boots so keeping to only one pair isn’t going to happen! Keeping the clothes and shoes I wear to a minimum in general brings a sense of simplicity. But boots? That’s a different matter entirely 😉

Anyway, the ideal wardrobe takes your lifestyle as a start point. Good, sounds logical and my life in France goes something like this.

  1. living in a very old house and lifelong renovation project, which is dusty and, let’s face it, often gritty!
  2. owning 3 dogs who rejoice in daily walks, revel in muddy puddles and reliably cosy up with us in the evening
  3. creating wearable compasses in my workshop
  4. spontaneous long weekends in the campervan (funny how the unplanned ones are almost always the best!)

My version of a capsule wardrobe

So, my capsule wardrobe is mostly practical and outdoorsy which gives me

  1. ease of travel at a moment’s notice (a small wardrobe leaves time to focus on the trip instead of agonising over what to pack for it)
  2. clothes that fit my lifestyle, whether I’m cuddling the dogs or making compasses
  3. comfort and adaptability to different temperatures with the seasons (layers, wonderful layers!)
  4. more headspace because, yes, it appeals to my tidy and organised side, too 😉

Instead of a pretty dress and heels, special occasions tend to get my newest or tidiest clothes. Hmm, maybe that’s something I need to work on.

Does wearing this Sunburst and Stars Compass Pendant count as accessorising?!

Compass necklace accessory in Capsule Wardrobe(G548)

Accessorising with the Sunburst and Stars compass