What makes a compass suitable for a man to wear? Are there rules for such things?!

Looking for a Compass for a Man?

When adding compass creations into my compass shop, I tag those I think might be considered suitable for either a man or a woman to wear. This Expedition Compass Pendant is one of them.

Sometimes people like a little bit of help choosing, so if the compass creation has a simpler design, that’s when I’ll tag it.

Trust your instincts…

The way I see it, when you’re choosing a unique compass gift for the man in your life you can pretty much trust your instincts. If the design appeals to you, and you can see him looking good wearing it, go with that!

Take a look at the ones I’ve tagged as unisex compasses and see what you think.

Maybe I’ve been a bit conservative, who knows?!  A gentleman gave this Expedition Compass gift to his wife before he set out on an expedition for a year.

Surely he should have chosen one for himself, too?!